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Bush Trimming


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I had to trim several bushes in my garden last week.
Has anyone else found themselves in the position of having to trim ?
Any hints and tips?


My dad does the trimming for me tbh he has the green fingers i will ask him in the morning what he thinks he luvs gardening wished i could do it bh


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Funnily enough I've only trimmed my bushes once this year, and I found out today that google street map had been round just after I'd done it. I am absolutely over the moon as beforehand they were a right mess, as they now are again, but I just got lucky for the camera.
Seriously I have tried to cut our hedges twice with one of those proper hedgecutter thingys. The major problem for me though is colourblindness and the clever people make the wires orange so when I am cutting the hedge I can't see the cable when it is amongst the leaves etc and both times I have cut through the said cable.

Needless to say I am now banned from using them.


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Topiary, as I believe it's called. Fashionable but I don't go in for it myself, one slip of the shears and it's all ruined. Never grows back the same, if at all.


I think you should inspect as many bushes as you can 1st and get a feel of each design. And when you find a design you like, have a go, take your time and enjoy it. Remember Rome wasnt built in a day!