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You do realise she was only caretaker after Shaun Harvey left in June until a new CEO could be appointed? Rather handed a bucket of crap to hold, don't you think?
That would make a bit of sense. Haven’t followed it quite as closely as you.
She’s certainly inherited a situation you accurately describe. Her predecessors can probably own most of my scorn rather than her but it’s a bloody shambles at present, that’s for sure.


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On this day in football history

  • 1983 Several double figure scores had been reached in the two legged matches, but the match between West Ham United and Bury produced the first double figure score in a single match. West Ham beat Bury 10-0 at Upton Park with Tony Cotee scoring 4 goals.


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So Chichester donation went to a new club that is being set up in Bury ????
The original Bury is still alive and all is well and they will be playing football again soon. Where ? What league ?
Good luck to whoever is setting up the new club but I'm absolutely sick to death of the bull Dale comes out with.
Please wind them up as soon as possible.

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Ahhh, so that's what Dale is waiting on. Bet he had a sniff of that weeks ago.

Ironic that Collins, who says, "...we recommend that the government immediately brings forward the necessary legislation", is part of the government who have dont very little, if anything, in their time in office on this. He's another one who's using hindsight whilst being in a position to have an influence but failed to do so.


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Perfect, a bunch of ****wits trying to solve the problems created by a bunch of ****wits.
I have absolutely zero respect for our useless self centred MP's and that goes for all parties. Therefore I give this load of tripe what it deserves which is the same as our MP's deserve and this is it!

A great big steaming pile because that sums them up!



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On this thread, posters have been arguing for more accountability and leadership from the EFL - a no brainer after what has happened to Bury under Dale and Day. That's surely what the select committee have also concluded. And at least they're in a better position than us to get something done. A concerning comment was,.... "it is not "confident" the "clubs themselves will necessarily accept reforms that might subject them to tighter scrutiny". ie when the crunch comes, will the turkeys vote for Christmas?


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"The English Football League should be made to pay reparations to Bury for a loss of earnings following the club's expulsion from League One, a select committee inquiry has concluded."

So what reparations should Bury be made to pay to the incredible list of creditors left out of pocket by their quite deliberate and premeditated wrongful trading? What about all the individuals who could no longer pay their mortgages or feed their children? What about the local charities who were owed money but never received it? What about the other football clubs to whom Bury owe ticket money? What about the myriad local businesses - some of which have gone to the wall - whom Bury incredibly believe depend on the town's football club for their existence?

Does this committee of clowns really believe Bury are in this position because of the EFL, and not because of the club's considered decision to cheat everyone else?

Completely and utterly shameful.