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Bruce, Benitez Or Allegri

Sir Laz

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Rumor has it that Rafa { who does not break contracts } is likely to be approached about a possible return to the club. If this is true then it will be 2 years before he would be free to do so according to his own code. On a personal note I think him coming back would be a step in the wrong direction. Now onto Bruce I believe that he deserves at least another full season in charge. I know that many on here will not agree with that but forums are about opinions. Finally my take on Allegri who has been touted by pundits and so called experts to be a good fit as a potential manager for the club under new ownership of course. Should new owners decide to bring Bruce's reign to an end then Allegri would be my choice over Benitez. Having over the past 5 years or so I have watched a lot of Serie A along with La Ligua and for me Allegri stood head and shoulders above other coaches and managers. { Thought's Please }


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Would rather have Willie McFaul, or John Carver back in charge instead of Broocey.
He stuck his tongue right up mikes hoop too many times to not be damaged goods.
And he aint good enough, tactically aware, to get the best out of the better players. Make no mistake, this is a 5 year project to get to that point, and 2 or 3 managers will be required to get to that point. Why waste dough on bruce, when a better qualified, more respected coach, can reduce the time to truly compete.

The Owl

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They need to wipe the slate clean. Dont go back.
Think Rafa a bit of history and fairly negative. Would prefer for Allegri to be given a go

Jackals Tooth

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I think Rafa would steady the ship again, because there is likely to be some upheaval coming up I imagine.

However Allegri would probably play a better style of Football but would want a lot to spend and a few windows to get anywhere near the top six.

Don’t know if he would have the patience like Klopp for example.

Going to be an interesting summer 😁
Im pro-Rafa and if Broocey deserves a full season to see what he can do then the same has to apply with Rafa who did what he did with his hands tied behind his back amidst a massive game of chess and politics.

Maybe my thought pattern has been altered by the Ashley years forcing utter shit onto us and us accepting the lesser on some occasions but depending if this takeover is real and goes through, then we need someone who can calm the hysteria that it will bring.

We will need someone that can allow a slow build, someone that knows the English game and someone who can communicate from their own mouth rather than through an interpreter as they will be the mouthpiece of all things surrounding the playing stuff.

If not Rafa then it'll need someone of a similar respect level and on that note there's a limited pool.

Aside from those mentioned in the media, if it's not Allegri then I wouldn't rule out the likes of Steven Gerrard and Brendan Rogers getting a mention.


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I agree let’s see if it happens first. Not that bothered about Rafa coming back. Pochettino for me as he has experience in the Premier league already.
Id like to think that im in the middle with the instinct not allowing me to get carried away as im expecting the negative news to come out at any minute.

The media however.............

Today they have us trying to sign Antoine Griezmann for £107m. :lol:


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What is the fascination with St Benitez, what did he achieve that puts him above all the other managers under Ashley?

The football was boring, defensive shite!

He was given 8 games to save the club from relegation, he didnt, relegated with one game to go. Shearer was given 8 games and it went to the last day. Hull lost i think, all NUFC needed was a draw.

Shearer 1 Benitez 0

Championship won late on more due to Brighton's slip up. Hughton's team destroyed that league

Hughton 1 Benitez 0

The 2 full PL seasons under El Legendo had a 10th and 13th place finish. More to do with lucky results than anything after being in the relegation zone in January. Even Pardew had a few lucky results and finished 5th, one more win and they would've qualified for the Champions league!

Pardew 1 Benitez 0

What on earth has Benitez done to achieve mythical status? Scraped a couple of mediocre finishes, relegation battles, poor signings, rubbish performances and using the fans to play politics with Mike Ashley but was quite happy to take £6m per year to work for the despot.


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I would re-iterate, to get to the very top will see 2- 3 managers and sets of players, with positions being upgraded, in terms of players, as you try and work around fair play and financial constraints to get it done.

Buying the best player in every position is a no go, its a 5 year job, to get to the position of Citeh, etc.., if that is who the new owners want to compete with.

If you asked Sergio Aguero to sign today, he would laugh at you, however in 3 years time, with a good basis in place, and the finishing touches only required to take the final step, you stand a chance.

Don't get carried away, and expect instant success would be my advice.


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Most top players would sign for Hades Athletic if the money was right. Its all about the loot I am afraid, and perhaps especially so after this pandemic when a lot of clubs will be feeling the pinch.


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Being honest i dont really want to be a Man city i would be happy with just competing again and a trophy would be the icing on the cake 1969 is a long time ago.

The Owl

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To seriously move forward they need to remove all associated with the current regime, Bruce, Coaches, Charnley etc and build from scratch with a top Manager, top coaching staff, top public relations, top scouts .and top training facilties .
It may take time but will be worth it.
Plenty of mediocre players to get rid of as well
You can afford to be patient a while longer when there is definite hope of progress.