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Broadband speed

The Fear

A Wise Man (once sat next to him)
Mine is pretty poor, I'm on business broadband which to be fair does stop it slowing during busy times (I get first call basically) but still can't wait for fibre optics to make it to around here!

Download 2.14 mb/s
Upload 0.123 mb/s

To be fair, I hadn't turned all applications etc off.


Bringer Of The Seasons
Just tried twice more both times download over 28 mb/s and upload over 75 mb/s

Hopefully be more when BT rectify the fault. A contractor came to install it. He should had turned the extension socket into the master, as the infinity router has to go into the master.


Vital Squad Member
Download 7.92 Mb\s
Upload 0.741 Mb\s

Sky Broadband.

I have to say that I use the internet a lot, watch a lot of TV\Movies via the internet and it does not buffer once and always streams in HD.