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Brizzle report


Vital Reserves Team
Almost all their chances came from DCFC errors. Keogh for the goal. Carson for nearly a goal, Mount for another nearly goal etc.

Our goal came from a DCFC move which included a great Mount chase after a crap through ball from FloJo. Mount managed a decent cross which Waggy put away very well having chosen the right moment to move to the near post and not being tracked by his man. They will claim it was a mistake by them.....

I found it an intriguing contest, 66% possession. 21 shots to their 15, 7 on target to their 3. Could have had far better stats if the final pass hadn't been awful. We vare almost the finished article. They can thank their keeper for us not winning, 4 very good saves.

Carson 6 kept well enough but almost cost us it with that error

Bogle 8 Defended well and could have had 2 goals as well

Keogh 6 1 fatal error, a couple of non fatal and OK for the rest

Tomori 6 3 non fatal errors, 2 of which he corrected himself

Malone 6 No great error but no great successes either. Must stop turning his back to the side line in possession. It leaves him with only a backpass as an option

Wilson 7 Decent game. Even had a great shot with his right foot. Has he been reading my comments?

Huddlestone 7 Played well. Cool calm and collected despite often put under pressure by colleagues by too hard a pass, a pass when he is marked. One error but corrected it himself

Mount 7 Still not the Mount of early season but getting close

Jozefzoon 5 Some decent work but no end product even 1 on 1 with the keeper.

Marriott 7 worked his socks off with little decent ball

Waghorn 7 good game, very good goal
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