Brizzle Draw


Vital 1st Team Regular
Gutting to concede at the death & to ship 2 poor goals on the night. That said we played magnificently throughout the game and were simply on another level to them football wise. Probably too many changes & a bit of a lack of physical power were our undoing, a big win wouldn't have been undeserved. Their keeper had a stunning night. We simply must sort our defensive play out, not just the 4 but across the whole side-that includes DB who is getting beaten far too easily imho. Josh, Romaine, Ollie had storming games, & Maupay will score bundles-he's a pest!

So it's been a slow start & our luck has been awful. Arguably we should have 5 points on the board not 1. Stick with it, far too many class players to struggle so long as we can tighten up.

Good atmosphere at the old place too, seriously everyone needs to get as much of GP whilst we can.

Will write separately on the new stadium news.


Vital Reserves Team
There was some wonderful football from us for sure, it could easily have ben 5-2 but for their keeper and last ditch defending.

Defensively we looked frail again with Barbet giving us a mountain to climb with that mistake after 4 minutes ( he had a decent game after that mind).

Hopefully DS will start to form a settled side now and would continue with much the same team on Saturday. We could do with Woods being back to replace the unfortunate Josh ( who I thought had a terrific game). Watkins is a must now as is sawyers at the moment and I would continue with the Dean/ Barbet combination at the back.


Vital 1st Team Regular
Saw someone saying Barbet cost us that match and when I challenged him with the fact he stopped them equalising when Bentley cocked up his clearance he reckoned that mistake shook the team and put them off for the rest of the match. Jeez.

Overall ( what I saw after ifollow messed up yet again) we were pretty decent, but need to play a decent striker instead of the half decent one who isn't even that at the moment. Maupay should start Saturday without a doubt. If he gets no service he provides his own and doesn't go missing like someone else.

Like Rebel feel Bentley is being beaten too easily at moment and his distribution has gone right off. Dalsgaard is also too easily beaten, great going forward but not sure about him defensively. My back four would be Colin, Dean, Barbet and Rico. Ollie and Romain excellent again. We're not far off but just wish we could hold a lead, or at least score a few more to counter the awful defending.