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Britains Should Work A 30 Hr Week



Surely this study proves people with more time on their hands should actually use it more positively in work.

You want to bridge the leisure gap between the rich and poor, you don't start by making the assumptions employers would give you an extra day off and not reduce your wage!


It could be a great idea..

At the moment it is an employer's market - meaning he can treat you like shit because jobs are scarce and he knows you will lick is backside just keep your job. And the harder you work, the more he will exploit you! = low morale, depression etc.

Yet more job vacancies mean, employers face competition to get loyal staff - thus meaning they have to earn it more and will treat the staff better. - high morale and happy people.
The majority this 30 hr stuff is aimed at are already in high turnover work because of the nature, so it wouldn't have an effect.

And doesn't address the the cost of household living rising, so people would have more time to spend with effectively even less to do so.

The Fear

A Wise Man (once sat next to him)
Seen this sort of thing before, in fact when at uni one professor was certain it was due to happen.

Would be nice, won't happen.

I've done a good few seven day weeks recently if that helps!!


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But it's forgetting that people work to earn money. People will want to work 40 hours to earn more money, and no one will pay you 40 hours of pay for 30 hours of work.


NO No No when i get back into work i do not want less time there i want as much time away from the mrs as possible overtime seven days a week work bring it on, feck it i will live there for a bit of piece! ;)


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I`ll have a bit of that.I`ll be finished by wednesday night.
If i keep it a secret from the wife,i could go on a bender till friday and she wouldn`t know,until i had to pay £400 for my upkeep in Steelhouse Lane :21: