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Brexit's a memory/nightmare, but look what we've won/lost !


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So, let's remind ourselves...

Project Fear was scaremongering
Project Fear was never going to happen

Project Fear ramifications were part of the process
Project Fear ramifications were always something we'd need to manage
UK business, it's your fault for not being prepared to manage the stuff we told you would never happen!!!

Jock, I know that you were particularly scathing and sceptical about Project Fear. Any thoughts?



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I'd love to see a one on one discussion between Major and any one of Johnson, Gove, Rees-Mogg, Barclay, Davies, Baker, Raab, Cash, Patel, ..... any of them.

FFS, can you imagine the second string (including those in the ERG) having a go ....Francois, Bridgen, Cash, Raab, Truss (OMG), Grayling, Trevalyan, Cleverly. It would be cruelty ....... but cruelty I'd pay to watch.



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You almost think "well done mate ..... well done Fraser for admitting you were wrong" ... until of course, the blame card is played. Brexit would be working fine if it weren't for "protectionists".

It's a game that can't be lost. If it's not working, blame protectionists. If you can't do what you promised, blame the EU. If in doubt, blame remoaners.

I've said before that as we're out, we'd be daft not to want this to work ....... but
I have close to zero confidence in those who shouted loudest coming anywhere near to making it work.