Brentford v Ipswich - Team Sheets


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Brentford are at Griffin Park with Ipswich the visitors for the latest Championship match.

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That will calm things down. We just got better as the game went on. We looked fit, more solid and dominated possession after a slightly shaky start. Ipswich are not a bad side but they just couldn't cope with our pressing and passing game. Even without scoring Egan looks a very good buy .

Felt there is more to come from the new signings once things settle down. Roll on Forest.


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Terrific win in the end, and a victory for some good honest pragmatism by DS.

We know that we currently lack a bit of pace and guile, the hard working Hogan's lack of clear chances is testament to this. We also know that our inability to keep clean sheets and defend properly has been a constant issue during our time in this division. Yesterday we kept it simple, DS set the side up the best way he could, we stayed in the game for 30 minutes and then figured out a way to win it, and without conceding. For the moment the sight of our GK rolling out the ball and us playing out from the back has gone, yet we looked very solid across the back, and the intricate passing (sometimes over passing) replaced with high pressing and industrious ball hunting across the the midfield. Interesting too that the likes of mceachran, KK & Hoffmann are not trusted with much game time - with Yennaris, Macleod & Colin all back and doing really well. It is interesting that with notable exeptions (Colin, Woods) our hopes for the season are still very much resting in the hands of the new boys and a crop of players signed during Warburton's reign - yet for a variety of reasons Nico, Lewis, & Scott actually seem like new players to us. Maybe the fear of getting it wrong is still hampering our moves to improve the squad?

Anyway it was a win and a good day for the coach and his flexibility yesterday, whilst we may not yet have the quality to trouble the top sides, we should have too much quality to be relegation fodder. We do need to pick up good home points and to make GP more of a fortress, and our superb fans need to step it up a bit now, believe trust and support and we'll be OK. Sit back arms folded, waiting for something and we'll throw points away.

Always loads to talk about in the championship - what a great division it is, oh and I see that Forestieri has gone and done a Tarkowski - we all know how that one will end don't we!

Get down to GP on Tuesday and roar the boys on, another 3 points would be very nice indeed.


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Very big improvements on last week and as I singled him out for some criticism, I would like to say that although Sawyer doesn't look strong enough yet, he fought hard, made some nice passes and got involved. Looked a far better player this week.
Egan looks a good player too, two well taken goals. Thought Woods had a dreadful first half and like last week went on to have a better second half. Some of his passing was awful first forty five, one in particular set them up with an early chance.
As the second half went on we seemed to get stronger and stronger and dominated enough to deserve that win. Would have been nice to have seen Bjellend get ten to fifteen and have to ask what the point was in bringing on the lump of lard for a few minutes. I don't even trust him that long, even if he does stay invisible.
As you say, Rebel, the home fans need to step it up a bit. They were very quiet until we were a goal up and that's not normally Griffin Park support...although I have been told it's been a bit flat there at times last season.

Can't wait for Barnsley!


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Good performance against a horrible McCarthy team. We definitely look better at the back, which is a good sign for this season.


I see the Klingon got another (partial) round of applause when he entered the field yesterday.


Are there some people who still don’t get it?

He was a nasty piece of work when he played for us, never liked the guy then. Since then, he’s crocked one of our star players (deliberately) and it’s come out what a disruptive influence he was. Added to which, he broke a Derby player’s leg back in May.
You know, just ‘mistimed’ ‘nothing malicious’. He said afterwards “Never do I like to see a fellow professional injured” which is, of course, what you always hear after a bad injury. Lovely bloke, does a lot of work for charidee, wouldn’t hurt a fly etc etc etc. All self-serving crap.
We know, very occasionally, players do try to hurt other players. Exhibit A, Roy Keane.

I had a certain amount of respect for him when he played for us, but it’s not about what he did for us anymore, it’s about since he left.

Just to make it clear, I’m not one of those who routinely boo everybody who used to play for us. Sometimes applaud, usually ignore. But Douglas has forfeited any right to be applauded on the field by Bees fans.

Apologies for the rant, but hearing some of our fans STILL clapping him on just boils my kettle.



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Completely agree doobee. He wasn't ever my favourite player and I was glad to see the back of him. He cost us the loss of one of our better players for a long period of time due to his "tackle" I don't like clapping any former player back, until afterwards, until then they are just as much the enemy as the rest of the team, but to clap him back, especially after what he did last visit is just nonsensical.


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Egan and Dean played well together - I wouldn't split them up just yet

I liked the look of Sawyers, I thought he dictated play.

Elder needs to take a bit more care of the ball in possession, I am sure this will come.

Having a wide player in Clarke arguably won us the game because it made us more of a threat but I think we need an upgrade here currently. Clarke has come a long long way in a short space of time but his control and vision in the final third aren't quite where we need them to be at the moment.



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Interesting stuff all round CB, dobee and condor.

I think Sawyers has a touch of real class, his passing range is superb. some won't get him as he has a physique similar to Donaldson but isn't physical at all. Clarke had to start for the balance it provided to the side, he needed to drop 5 yards deeper when we were defending to help Colin, and then to get on when the play switched - like Canos did. The whole back line looked more solid against decent oppo in Murphy and Sears, HD and JE were more than decent, with Egan shading Nico for MOTM for me. Thought McLeod really grew into it too, don't forget this is the best level he'll have played at so far. If we can find a few more bullets for Hogan and add a bit more quality elsewhere we could do OK.

Re Ipswich, I didn't think they were horrible on the day, the referee was excellent and bar a couple of mistimed challenges I didn't feel they were that bad. for the stick he gets MM has always been honest and quite gracious when his teams play at BFC, as he was again on Saturday. They won't tear up any trees this year but will be comfortable, so it was a decent measure of where we may be at.

I can't deny that I had time for Douglas up until the end of 14/15 season, it then became clear that he needed moving on after the PO defeats to Boro. As a big character in the dressing room he seemed to turn and became a negative influence around the place. Sad as his best playing years were at BFC and it's downhill all the way for him now. The kick on Jota last year wasn't good, he went through Ryan on Sat and I heard that he was a bit moody at the end of the game with certain individuals - possibly some carry over from his last days with us?

I didn't clap him but have no major issue with anyone who did, each to their own i reckon. So long as we get behind the team during games I don't think it right to tell others what they should do when in GP, as some others did over Douglas on Sat.

We'd all be far better off getting GP back to its noisy hostile best sharpish imo.


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I was a big Dougie fan for most of his time at Brentford [as a player] but was happy to see him go when he left us. I think most of the clapping of him on Saturday was the way he handled the ribbing he was getting when warming up along the touchline - smiling at us when we asked him what the score was...

After a nervy 25 minutes I thought our performance on Saturday was superb. Sawyers is class and once others get on his wavelength he's going to be special. Macleod is willing and capable of getting into the box or to the byline and we need someone to do that. Have you noticed Nico rarely misses the target from a shot, it might get blocked or saved but it's nearly always on target [unlike Woods!] - our second goal came because the keeper was forced to make a save.

I enjoyed Woods telling Harlee to move upfield when he dropped back looking for the ball from Bentley. Not that I like to see us boot it long but I just liked Woods acting like a captain. There was only about 5-10 minutes to go and it was clear we wanted to play in their half not ours, which I thought we did superbly in the last 15 minutes.

Really looking forward to tonight.