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Oh dear, what is he thinking?!

surely getting your head down and letting your football do the talking is the way forward?
Is he not injured? Its a bit hard to let your football to the talking if you're not playing due to injury. And even if he isn't, who cares what he does when not training/playing? As long as it's not drinking/drugs/partying or something that will affect his football. There's only so many hours a day you can physically spend training. It's not many, so it leaves footballers a lot of free time. It's a big problem in the pro ranks, keeping busy when not training. Hence why we have so many players coming out with gambling problems etc.

If he chooses to spend it making some shitty reality TV programme, rather than playing FIFA/Call of Duty/Fortnite or gambling like many players do, then that's up to him IMO.

i dont have any issues with players doing things outside of football, as long as it doesn't affect their football.
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