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I don't expect this will be used often, but I often watch the fights and want to discuss them and there is nowhere.

So here is one, feel free to bring it up when there is one on.

Reason for it now, did anyone watch the Curtis Woodhouse (yes, the ex-bluenose for those who are not up with it) win the Lonsdale belt on Saturday.

Very emotional fight and fair play to the bloke - I was really chuffed for him.


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I didn't see it mate, was it a good fight then?

I used to love Boxing but I feel on the world level its too corrupt. It sure beats 2 men in pants rolling round inside a cage though. :14:


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For me the golden age was the Eubanks, Benn and Collins era. What with Box Nation now showing more fights it's yet another nail in its coffin.


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Great fight and very emotional. If you / others dont know the story.

Woodhouse left the Blues aged 26, decided he was never going to be "top flight" retired and became a pro-boxer. This was considered a joke, but he has battled away at British level losing a couple of title fights along the way.

His dad died and on his death bed he promised his dad he would win the Lonsdale belt for him. After several years and a couple of attempts it looked like it had aluded him and had one last chance on Saturday night in a fight he was not expected to win. He had announced win lose or draw it was his last fight.

Basically, the fight was a great piece of entertainment, Woodhouse absolutely gave it everything, you could tell what it meant to him and he gave every ounce of sweat he possibly could.

It went to the cards and the pundits had him losing by a round, but everyone said it was so close it could go either way - he won it on a split decision and went absolutely mental !. Fair play to his opponent as well who was gracious in defeat.

I've watched Woodhouses's last three or four fights, and he seems a really decent bloke who knows he is not world class, but wants to achieve as much as he possibly can in life.

I was chuffed to bits with it - Bluenose or not.

He has just been on Sky Sports and his next ambition is to take his coaching badges and manage his boyhood club of Sheff Utd ! - I hope he goes on and does it.

He should be an inspiration to kids in my eyes.


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Good on him then, Strange to give up a high paying football career to take up boxing but I guess not all of them are driven by financial gain.

He sounds like the type of guy who chases his dreams so maybe we will see him as a football manager in the not too distant future.

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Used to love boxing but it seems to have lost the household names and super fights, or the fights are ppv and too pricey.

UFC for me now!!

Would love the hayday (is that right??) of boxing back.


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I was at Wembley the night Frank Bruno beat Oliver McCall and at EarlsCourt the night Lennox Lewis beat Donavan Ruddock. Both fantastic nights.

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Nice to see the frogs doing their bit for the environment. You should move to England Saurat, we've developed beyond burning rubbish and trees in order to keep warm.


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Didnt watch the Curtis Woodhouse fight I turned the boxing on a few rounds into the Tommy Coyle fight. That was a bloody awesome fight. Bet the judges were glad it was stopped cos that one would have been a bugger to score!


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thefacehead - 1/3/2014 12:45

Mayweather is quality, easily the best pound for pound fighter in the world currently.
Couldn't argue there just happens to be the biggest arsehole in the world too.


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colavfc - 1/3/2014 12:09

Good fight tonight. ricky burns vs unbeaten man
Thanks for the headsup, Burns is a good fighter, not seen Crawford fight before but hopefully he can give a good fight to Ricky.


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thefacehead - 1/3/2014 12:45

Mayweather is quality, easily the best pound for pound fighter in the world currently.
possibly the best fighter ever to of set foot on this planet. definately the best defence in history.