Bowburn Mag Family Funday 2nd June 2012.


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Just had a email from one of his mates...

How's it going mate,
Hope your well,
We're having a family fun day on sat the 2nd June, it's a bank holiday weekend of the queens jubilee,
There's going to be rides, live band, bouncy castles, BBQ etc.
We're also going to have a 7 a-side football tournament so that is why I'm getting in touch,
It's going to be £50 a team to enter ( squad of 10 is £5 a man) and it's basically everyone that played with or against Stephen Thompson over the years, teams need to be submitted to me by the 30th April with money paid by then too.
All proceeds go to the Stephen Thompson foundation although the day is not about raising funds for the charity it is more of a celebration of thoma and his life.
If your free then it would be great to get everyone from our past together for what should be a great day and don't forget to fetch your wife, girlfriend kids etc because there'll be plenty for everyone to do,
Take care and hopefully see you soon,

Good Opportunity to pass on the money & tankard at the same time.

Whos up for playing then?

I'll be the cat in nets.


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I'd be up for it if the Mrs can get some time off to come up with me for a weekend.

Scrap that, I think we'll be on holiday that weekend.

Sir Laz

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I had a chuckle when Cisse's second goal went in yesterday,I used to score them like that week in week out,now I find playing in the hole suits me better,would of loved to play in the tourney for BBM even though I have sadly lost 10 yards of pace.