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Boris the thigh squeezer


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So, its reported today under a headline of 'Justine Greening says claim over Boris Johnson's behaviour 'deeply concerning' that owd Boris squeezed the thigh of a dinner companion, a lady journalist.

Now this all alleged to have happened in 1999, yes, that's 20 years ago, but has only come to light now, on the eve of the Tory Conference. Whether the journalist, only just remembered it, or whether she has taken this long to come to terms with the dreadful thing that happened to her, no-one is saying.

Frankly speaking, I want to get this out in the open. in 1988, I touched a girls bottom in Genevieves Disco and Nightclub. I did not have tacit permission to do so. She was pushing past me, and I helped her along, but a little lower than was decent. She didn't seem terribly bothered, but then I guess we'd all had a lot to drink. So Tracy, or Sharron, or whatever your name was...I'm sorry, truly, truly sorry. Your arse was firm and nicely rounded, thats true, probably a lot less so now. but I am horrified at what I did. Although it was 40 years ago, I'm booking myself in on a course for how to respect women (got a 2 for 1 with 'How to combat your Whiteness', bargain...!).

I will not be making any further statements on this incident.