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Bolton Wanderers (h): What 3 Things Do The Imps Need To Do To Win?


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What 3 things do The Imps need to do to pick up all three points tomorrow night?

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1) Play sensibly with regard to the weather conditions. Saturdays match was played in a swirling wind and if the weather forecast is to be believed Tuesday will also be wet and windy. Some of our players were slipping over in recent home games and little mistakes like that can be heavily punished. But we have energetic players who can play well with the ball at their feet and if the pitch is greasy through balls can work. Playing on the floor as in the second half at Shrewsbury in the windy conditions would also give us the best chance of opening up Bolton

2) Don't take the match for granted. Bolton are still a pretty poor side despite changes in personnel over the season. They are not quite the August team which was conceding 5/6 routinely but as with the 7-1 loss at Accrington they can still have shockers. That said in Keith Hill they have a wily manager for our level. Daryl Murphy upfront is getting on a bit but still a decent striker, and as has been seen anyone can get a result against anyone in this league. Recent away draws at Sunderland and a 1-0 loss only at Posh show that this might not be the goal fest for us some might expect.

3)Have a shot. Second half on Saturday very nearly brought us a win. The only person who stopped that was their keeper who was superb. Long range efforts from Grant, Eardley, Walker, Shackell on other occasions would have beaten the keeper and/or woodwork. Accepting for their slightly skewed season Bolton are still letting in an average of over 2 goals per game. Buy a ticket, have a go and I think we'll prevail


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1. Don't expect to win, without putting in any effort. There are plenty of new faces in both squads and will take time to adjust. Get at them from the off, and let them know you are there with a few fair but crunching tackles.They are a young squad still (as are we) but from other results, teams that "have at 'em" from the get go, seem to do better.

2. STOP PI$$ING ABOUT AT THE BACK! Our defence, whilst experienced tend to get a bit panicky when a forward rushes at them, if in doubt hoof it. Give Lewis a run out as a reward for his hard work, Bolton's front line, isn't as potent as other teams, so it is an ideal game for him to cut his cloth.

3. Don't panic! If it is still 0-0 after 60 minutes, then it is up to us fans to gee up the team and get them firing. There must be no complacency here, As mentioned before, Bolton are not the walkover they were, and our players need the right mind set for the WHOLE game, not just the 2nd half!