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Bolton Saturday


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It's on at the moment.
PDPS did put out a statement to advise our fans not to travel to Bury but this is different.
It could even be Friday night before we know. So let's hope it's on as at least that means there is a credible buyer processing a bid to save the club.

chris who

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I would expect there to be a announcement at some point today.There is i would think a good chance that it will be on.I would think the fact that Bolton have played most of their fixtures has given them the extra extension yesterday. Even if they have a crap side turning up will give them a better chance of staying alive.


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It's hard to strike up a buzz for this game because even if we play, win 5-0 in a couple of weeks our points and GD could be taken away as Bolton might go the same way as Bury. League one is a mess atm and needs to get sorted quickly.


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Limbo for another 14 days if the press are to be believed.
What a shambles! Both teams are given the same deadline.
One gets a reprieve.
Guess which one?


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I'm glad that Bolton have get a stay and gutted for Bury. However, I really think they need to firm up the position regarding the current fixtures. People have bought tickets for this match and others may be considering doing so, in addition to their travel plans - even more so, the Bolton fans. Also, if the game is postponed and Bolton sort out their act (I hope they do) and we end up paying a rejuvenated Bolton later in the season - I can't see how it is fair that Ipswich and Tranmere have effectively got a walkover in their matches. This really needs to be sorted out.


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Limbo for another 14 days if the press are to be believed.
What a shambles! Both teams are given the same deadline.
One gets a reprieve.
Guess which one?
Bury have already had their 14 day notice about expulsion which ran out last friday and were given an extra few days! Bolton’s 14 day notice for expulsion started yesterday! No favouritism from the EFL!


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The fact that Bolton have played almost all of their games is lost on you.No two cases are the same so every team in this position has to be treaded differently.
so, it wasn't really a deadline then , was it.

I don't want to see any club go out of business.
I was gutted when Maidstone were expelled because it was a great local game.

But Bolton have been in administration since May.
They have renaged on one fixture that the EFL have allowed them to reschedule.
That in itself is wrong.
The points should go to Donny rovers as a three nil win.
If we play them Saturday and win , and they then go out of business, those points will be expunged from the records.
Imagine if one of our players picks up a nasty injury during this match that turns out to be for nothing.

Cast your mind back a years ago, when Middleborough didn't play a fixture due to injuries.
The PL said that they must play as they had a squad of 25.
Boro didn't show and the PL awarded the other side the three points.
Boro were relegated, so they might as well have played it and took a chance.


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Not even The Gills could lose to a team who have conceded 5 goals in each of their last three games, have just three professional players and have eight teenagers in their team, including a 17yo goalie.....could they?