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Bob Dorrian...


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White safari jacket gone off to the dry cleaners,needs a decent ironing too before he meets up with all those Toffee directors.(Kenwright + mates)....probably gonna get his perm redone as well.
Dazzler must be loving this ride on the Lincoln loco after all the horsesh1t we have been through.
Without Dorrian then LCFC could have disappeared into oblivion....we all owe him one.
Still no sign of the commissioned statue (Gormley on a long holiday i think) but when it is erected in the Stonebow it will be a sight to behold, IMPS SCARF IN ONE HAND and a choked chicken in the other.
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You know what looks cool on denim?

A Bay City Rollers tartan sewn into the back V panel.

Although personally I always felt that the tartan trim on the bell-bottoms was a touch too far.