Blackpool (n): What 3 Things Do The Imps Need To Do To Win? | Vital Football

Blackpool (n): What 3 Things Do The Imps Need To Do To Win?


Vital 1st Team Regular
1. Blackpool have a system .It works well but have they got an alternative ? Prevent Simms working the channels and turning our full backs . Stop him laying off passes or muscling out and splitting the central defenders and we will see if they have anything else .
2. We need to switch on from the whistle . Blackpool will come at us full steam .Lets not buckle or have to chase the game .Necessities first ,niceness second.
3 If our young guns are protected they can express themselves .We have the brashness of Youth and the flair to make it a memorable performance .


Vital Newbie
1. Beat the high press, and don't defend too deep.
2. Breakup their play in the midfield
3. Get into wide attacking areas, and stay focussed in front of goal.


Vital 1st Team Regular
1. The players mustn't let the occasion get to them. It will be a strange atmosphere, a big stadium with a small but passionate crowd, and so much riding on the outcome and it will be easy to be inhibited by that, as occurred in the first half last Saturday. At our best, we can compete with the best in this division. Be on top of our game, play without fear and we can win against a Blackpool side with a good defensive record but against whom we've already scored 5 goals, including 4 late ones.

2. Play our natural game, maintain a high tempo and look to hit them with skill and pace on the counter, but be prepared to adapt. We've shown we can mix it up and create opportunities with patient possession before opening up with a killer pass or injection of pace.

3. Take our chances. The Sunderland games were charactised by missed chances by both sides. Blackpool have 2 good strikers who will probably bury any chances coming their way, we need to be clinical to ensure good opportunities don't go to waste. That inlcudes any penalties, in the match or in a shoot-out.