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Bit of advice on a BMW


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Does anybody have a BMW 320d ?

I've got the chance to buy a 2004 with 87k on the clock but in mint condition . Has anybody got any idea what I should be looking for or if they're known to have any issues . Thanks.
Have a look on the BMW forums,but the M47 is a good engine but make sure it has been serviced properly and on time . 87k is about run in for a diesel . Chain driven so no belts to worry about changing.

Front suspension and all the bushes on my Son in laws 320d needed replacing after 56k for the MOT so he sold it and bought an Accord which is far better. He'd never touch another Beemer .

Engine is pretty sound I worked on its development in 97/98 but obviously more and more power has been squeezed out of it since then.

Trekker - 7/7/2013 19:35

It went back to lease company.
Work car so I was very fortunate
They'll go forever up and down the motorway , it's the low milage older cars that have done all the stop start stuff that are normally the problem cars .
Truth is these days most cars are pretty reliable but you do get the odd Friday before the factory fortnight car that has everything go wrong with it.


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I had a 1979 BMW320 automatic - a 2ltr 6 cylinder flying machine. When you kicked the accelaterator down hard it really it pushed you back into your seat such was the ferocity of its acceleration. But boy did the local BMW dealer charge for parts. A small rubber hose about 4" long that connected to the radiator cracked and I needed to replace it. That part would have cost me £20. Looking at the hose I knew it roughly the same width as a hose you would get in a washing machine, so I took the damaged hose to a nearby second hand washing machine repairer and he cut a piece of hose the same length as I needed and charged me £2. Fitted it myself (and I'm no mechanic) and viola! Biggest draw back on beemers is the extortionate cost of parts.


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I've been lazy and copied my answer from another thread:

I drive a BMW320d 5dr auto which I bought second hand (24,000 on clock) 09 plate - replaced a Mercedes which was an awful drive, it's the best car I've ever driven by a mile, a pleasure to drive in fact. They're very well built and reliable however are practically useless in the snow unless you want to fork out on winter tyres - especially an automatic where it's harder to control the power to the wheels and you can't pull off in a higher gear. Seriously, a few of cm on a slight slope can leave you buggered! Also, BMW services / parts are notoriously expensive from the dealerships. Despite them problems I'd highly recommend it.