Best Newcastle away goal,live


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Was talking about it earlier & I know it's subjective.
Rob Lees for me against chelsea,some bloke came flying past my shoulder & my eldest who was 14 got his eye stubbed by my mates tab & an old lass stood behind me started to cry,all hell broke loose


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Not the best goal but Beardsley against Spurs away in the last minute is very memorable because it made me shit my togs. Had been on a major bender the night before and was rough as fuck during the game had a couple of wet farts but when pedro danced through the spurs defence and cracked it in the excitement and crowd movement was too much and i had a full on shite in my trousers. Made my way outside walking like john wayne and got to a toilet ditched the kegs but had to keep the dirty jeans and proceeded to the tube where despite the rush hour i had a whole section to myself due to the whiff of shit coming from me. Made it to kings cross but shops didnt stay open late in those days so drastic action was needed managed to nick a pair of orange british rail waterproofs and ditched my dorty jeans had a bit of washdown but still stunk of shit hence travelled back to Newcastle alone as my so called mates wouldnt sit anywhere near me. Jumped in a taxi at central station and could see the taxi driver was struggling with the smell but i played the ignorance card got home to be confronted by the wife with the where the fuck have you been..... happy days.