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Best gigs you have ever been to


Vital Football Hero
As I am in a music mood, how about this one.

I was lucky enough to work for record companies, so went to ni-on 1000 gigs for free between 1989-2000 so have seen many many acts.

However, these are the ones that stand out.

1. Frankie Goes To Hollywood - NEC 1987

Absolutely unbelievable gig, lucky to go, they split up the following week

2, Take That - Cardiff 2011

Honestly, that was a "I was there" moment, saw them 7 times, but that gig, back with Robbie was just unreal. Whether you like them or not, they are superb showmen. Also, PSB's supported who I also love so it was a double whammy for me.

3. Madness - Madstock - early 90's

Seen them 8 times, but Madstock, with the earthquake and all was just unbelievable

4. (more for personal rather than the gig) Bryan Adams - 1992ish

Actually say on the stage of the NEC watching it (was the week after Everything I do was knocked off No.1) , just an amazing feeling.

5. (and laugh if you want) Barry Manilow - various

As I say, I have been to loads and loads, and for a showman, he was as good as anything I saw. Just a real good time. He may be cheesy, but he hasn't been around selling out stadiums for 40 odd years for nothing.

Other ones that were really good include

Depeche Mode, Lenny Kravitz, M People, Del Amitri (Edwards No.8 before they were known, must have been 30 in the audience and they were great) , Blur, and for hysterical factor - Margerita Pracatan !!

People I have always wanted to see and never have

Pulp , Def Leppard , Queen, The Smiths, Oasis , U2 , Madonna (long story that one, I should have been in the VIP area at Wembley the day we appointed Venglos - I went to a wedding instead !) and Chas & Dave !!!

Over to you.....


Vital Champions League
I can't get past the hummingbird gigs.

Janes Addiction, Chilli peppers and Levellers / Sandkings stick in my mind, but an early Kasabian one is the best I've ever seen.


Vital Football Legend
Way, way too many to recall or remember. Be easier to name 'duff gigs', their body count isn't anywhere near so high.

Definitely up there as one of the best gigs though has to Be Led Zeppelin at The Kinetic Circus, Brum, November 1971.

Was it the best gig I've ever attended? Probably not. Probably not even the best Zeppelin gig, but its always remained in the forefront of the memory, so it obviously had something going for it.

The Fear

A Wise Man (once sat next to him)
Simple Minds were stunning.

U2 Joshua Tree concert at NEC (I am a big fan) was a let down, off night maybe.

Stones at Wembley.

A good few Ian Gillan ones.

Good few more, will have to get my tickets out and have a look!



Has a high horse
Like Glensider,too many to remember but heres a few Queen at Stafford Bingley Hall in 1978, Scorpions at Birmingham Odeon 1982 Ian Gillan Barbarellas 1977 Blondie Barbarellas 1977 Cheap Trick Barbaellas 1977 Rush Odeon similar date


One Bloody Number
Hmmm.. tough one.

Been to see Kasabian 3 times, but I think the best one was when they were supporting Oasis at Wembley. That entire weekend was amazing, but the gig itself was superb. We arrived to hear that The Enemy had pulled out so we'd get an extended set from kasabian which was the best news ever. They completely smashed it. When Oasis finally took to the stage it was a bit of a comedown for the first couple of songs, but then they won us all over and smashed it as well. Brilliant gig!

For sheer fun and madness it has to be Pendulum at V-Festival. Honestly thought I was going to die I got bashed about so much in that mosh pit. Can't imagine any marathon runner feeling as tired and drained as I did after that set.

Special mention to Tom Jones. Went to see him in Vegas. Really intimate gig to about 500 people. Was so close to the stage you could see the dye on his eyebrows. lol. I'm not a huge fan or anything like that, but in this day and age to see Tom Jones in Vegas, is a bit like seeing Sinatra and Dean Martin in Vegas back in the day... he's just a Vegas legend.

Best oneI have seen by far was U2 at Wembley on the 360 tour. Stunning.

Also saw them at the NEC on the Joshua Tree tour and thought that was great as well

More recently Mumford and Sons were very good , and I have to admit Duran Duran were'nt to bad either.


Vital Football Legend
I've been to festivals and few big gigs at the NEC and stuff, but the best is I've seen is a choice between The Pogues or the Saw Doctors. Both small venues with compact crowds - no pyrotechnics or mad outfit changes just a brilliant gigs/parties.


Vital Football Legend
Best of many would have to be Queen, Westfallenhalle Dortmund in 82.

Pink Floyd (The Wall) also in Dortmund in 80 would run it a very close second though.



Bringer Of The Seasons
Bon Jovi at Wembley in 95 were cracking. They had the plug pulled as they went over the curfew time. Rod " The Mod" Stewart at Maine Rd early 90's was superb. Took my Mum as she was and still is a huge fan, expected to find it a grind but that old Plastic jock won me over.

The Fear

A Wise Man (once sat next to him)
Shame that bowl headed twat was there in the centre, ruined a decent song having an unknown with such stars.



Vital Football Hero
Live 8. Having The Who & Pink Floyd back to back is never going to happen again. (not to me anyway).

REM at Twickenham, my favourite band ever, their last ever UK gig :(

The Verve at the Eden Project, surprisingly clean sounds, great venue, missed Primal Scream there though, apparently it was awesome.

Leftfield at Boadmasters, Phat Planet made the veins in my body jiggle around, I was off my face, jumping around like a lunatic, fun times!!

Worst - Fat Boy Slime at Boardmasters, he DJ'd, none of his classic songs were played live, I mean he DJ'd, just a set, my mate would have been better. Got Paid summat like 80k to spin some tunes, I was gutted, left early...

The Fear

A Wise Man (once sat next to him)
First one... Gillan (Budgie were guests!) in 1981 at the brill old Odeon Theatre.

Genesis at Wembley was decent, 1987...... The U2 at NEC was 1987 as well. I was near the back (usually don't bother with gigs unless I'm near the front) but it wasn't great from there.

Bryan Adams rocked it nicely same year. Very simple gig, but great songs.

Seen Clapton a few times, every time his music just soaks into my soul and I find it sublime!

As above, Simple Minds, 1989, one of the very best, great lights, loads of energy, simply superb music.

Stones, Urban Jungle tour... so glad I went, missed a few that I SHOULD have seen so glad I caught them.

Gillan at Goldwyns, small venue, small croud, very imtimate, loved it.

Purple 93, the one where Blackmore had a strop !

Oceon Colour Scene, The Irish Centre, just before they broke big, very good. 1996, was my first gig since the brain op in 94 and the bass surprised me as it played loud in the cavity at the back of my hind brain!

Didn't do any further gigs for years due to the brain doo dah and my 'mates' at the time had all cun***d off in those days, bastards!

Then 4 at least Tom Jones, taking mom. Found them ok when he did the slower bluesier stuff, hate the pop stuff like pussycat and that horrible sex bomb thing.

Manic Street Preachers...(2002) won the ticket and only went because Ian Brown was special guest (he was at his shambolic best) but Manics surprised me, very very good live. Went years later with YJ to the O2 to see them again. Good again!

Won Green Day (2009) and went with Deano, was good fun!

Muse were good, not great, but good. Smashing stage.

Kasabian, as above.

Pendulum 2010, high energy, great stuff.

Oh and last one was with a good few off here, OCS again, 02 academy Feb 2011.

Blimey, not been to any since. Want to see Prodigy if I can at some point.

Just a few as above.