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Can anyone tell me what the lad does except run around in ever decreasing circles, foul people and give the ball away? I would rather play with 10 men. As an aside I am glad to see there is no Brighton thread. What would be the point?


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Looks like a dreadful version of Scott Parker At the moment. Looked decent on YouTube though, which we know is Ashley’s criteria. Appears to be stifled by playing so deep, which for some unknown reason our midfield has done for a decade.

I seem to recall him playing higher up the pitch for previous teams. I may be completely wrong on that one though.
I actually thought he had one of his better games for us yesterday and showed he had a bit of something about him as well as an eye for a pass. He faded or gave up later on though.

For £8m, if it is the fee, then we could do worse.


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It's a funny season to be fairly judging players picked up in the January window. That being said I don't see what Bentaleb gives the side.


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He's a body on the pitch, if nothing else and that's what Ashley wants. Nice, cheap, chatty players who will do a job getting you to survival. Whilst I can see glimpses of talent in Bentaleb, he's never going to be a player that progresses SDU. He is, however, better than what you can get for £8million in most circumstances.


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I don’t rate him that much he gets caught in possession a lot and gives away a lot of free kicks as he’s not quick enough to respond to situations much of the time.
what the fuck were you drinking ?
Him having one of his better games for us is by no means me saying he's a good player or one that I reckon we should sign.

The stint I referred to was when he got off the deckchair for 25 minutes or so and showed that there was a potential player in there as im sure he looked like he could break sweat.


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Bang average player and probably not much better than Matty longstaff will be but fatty has shown with the likes of joelinton his stubbornness can overcome his greed at times. So he'll lose a local lad full of promise for the sake of a few grand and end up spending more on wages for bentaleb. That's if he actually coughs up the 8m. I dread to think Ashley and Bruce still here next season
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