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Where did they get all these good players from? Suddenly Belgium is full of great footballers when they were shit not too long ago. Have they started stealing players from other countries like they did in the '80's?


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Golden generation perhaps?

Some like Benteke went there at a young age and Okore did for Denmark too...

A lot of those Belgian clubs like the dutch focus heavily on producing talent... In all seriousness thats not too high a priority for the English teams...

Its the same in Ireland but its a lack of resources and facilities which is our problem and football has to compete with GAA Football and Hurling which is far better setup...

England has no excuses to be honest and guys like hoddle are dead right to be disgusted with the structure in England...

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To answer the initial question, I feel it's wheels within wheels.

Someone always has a turn. Holland have had their turn in the past, Brazil always seem to be there, but have dipped recently, but on their way back. We had en we won the World Cup back in 1966. Sadly, we won't have a turn again for the forseeable future as our Leagues are almost entirely full of foreigners.