Beat the Clock - Manchester City v Wolverhampton Wanderers

It is China League Cup night and would you believe that, after all that moaning and conspiracy theory regarding draws, the fixers thought, they just could not get away with it indefinitely , as it was looking too bloody obvious.

Wolves are back and doing quite well at the time of writing this post and could be in contention for promotion come next May.

1. Guess the attendance:

2. Predict the time of the first goal: (either team) If you don't think there will be a goal scored enter NFW

3* Name the first MANCHESTER CITY PLAYER to score: (if you do not think City will not score a goal then enter NGS)

4. Predict the correct scoreline:

5. First Goal - Left Foot, Right Foot or a Header - 5 pts

Colin Is The King

Vital Football Legend
A low scoring round :010:

Actually, it was a damned good crowd given the conditions took a turn for the worst for the majority of the second half, if I remember correctly, and the rest of the game.
It's absolutely throwing it down as I type, and has been for a good hour.

Skoob 5, Johnny B 3, OziMan 1


Vital Champions League
Colin Is The King - 24/10/2017 14:40

Actually, it's the first time this season, Bama - I've joined you in that particular club.
You've got the prized '0' entry on the season spreadsheet :010:
I'm counting last match too like a badge of honor! :010: :010: :044: