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Beat the Clock - Manchester City v Swansea City

Champions elect take on Swansea City, who hover on a thermal just above the relegation places.
Will City be able to maintain a competetive edge knowing that both hands are on the trophy or will they make Swansea, swan dive in to the relegation mire. good luck

1. Guess the attendance:

2. Predict the time of the first goal: (either team) If you don't think there will be a goal scored enter NFW

3* Name the first MANCHESTER CITY PLAYER to score: (if you do not think City will not score a goal then enter NGS)

4. Predict the correct scoreline:

5. Guess the total number of goals scored in the 6 games(below) being played this weekend including extra time if needed (but not penalty shootouts) for the 2 FA Cup matches and 4 Premier matches (NOT including City)

10 pts for a correct answer or 5-3-1 for the closest.

Please note entries to qualify for the bonus must be made prior to 12.30pm Saturday 21st April

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  • West Bromwich Albion v Liverpool
  • Watford v Crystal Palace
  • Chelsea v Southampton
  • Arsenal v West Ham United
  • Stoke City v Burnley