Beat the Clock- Manchester City v Arsenal

1. Guess the attendance:

2. Predict the time of the first goal: (either team) If you don't think there will be a goal scored enter NFW

3* Name the first MANCHESTER CITY PLAYER to score: (if you do not think City will not score a goal then enter NGS)

4. Predict the correct scoreline:

5. Will Sanchez score for Arsenal - Yes/No - 5 points. NB question is void if not in squad.



Alert Team
Rising - 5/11/2017 18:30

Buzz Lightyear - 5/11/2017 17:55

Another crystal ball moment from our Rising
I think it's your turn to breathe down my neck (at least for now) but do it gently, I'm very ticklish.
You know me, I always love coming from behind :007: