Beat the Clock - Liverpool v Manchester City

Thank goodness City's Premier League slump is over after the Crystal Palace showing,( I do hope Dann and Puncheon get better soon) with a get back on the horse (39 secs to be exact or near enough) anyway mid-week was another distraction in the first Leg of the EFL Cup and it is back to business at candlefield where Liverpool will not park the bus and City wont bring one.

1. Guess the attendance:

2. Predict the time of the first goal: (either team) If you don't think there will be a goal scored enter NFW

3* Name the first MANCHESTER CITY PLAYER to score: (if you do not think City will not score a goal then enter NGS)

4. Predict the correct scoreline:

5. guess the number of yellows (red counts 2) 10 pts spot on or 5-3-1 for the nearest etc.