Beat the Clock - Cardiff City v Manchester City

Still in Domestic Cup competition, having seen off the Giant Killers Bristol City in the League Cup, we turn our attentions to Cardiff another Top Championship team with Neil Warnock the man who taught Maureen all he knows about mind games. Pep turned out a full team bar two against Bristol City, I doubt he will do the same against Cardiff, with WBA just a few days later in the premiership.

1. Guess the attendance:

2. Predict the time of the first goal: (either team) If you don't think there will be a goal scored enter NFW

3* Name the first MANCHESTER CITY PLAYER to score: (if you do not think City will not score a goal then enter NGS)

4. Predict the correct scoreline:

5. There are two matches today, guess the total number of yellows (reds count as two) 10 pts for spot on or 5-3-1 for grand effort.

Chelsea 13:30 Newcastle United
Cardiff City 16:00 Manchester City

To qualify for the bonus question (5) entries must be made BEFORE 13:30 ie prior to Chelsea v Newcastle kick off.

Colin Is The King

Vital Football Legend
Cardiff-City had 1 red, 1 yellow for the home side, and 1 yellow for us.
Bennett got both cards, so that makes it three in total.

Chelsea-Newcastle had 1 yellow card.

Total on the bonus question is therefore four.