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Bears or Blues?!!!


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Warwickshire Bears will now be Birmingham Bears!

Never thought I'd say it, and not that I'm a regular attendee or anything, but if this goes ahead I will definately consider being a Pear, if just for the T20.

Bloody ridiculous decision to do this. All the Villa and Cov fans, all those fans living in Warwickshire and outside Brum, all the traditionalists, and more - alienated by a bunch of wanker business men in one crazy, ill-thought out, poorly researched, probably costly and ultimately stupid decision! bonkers!

If you give a shit, email the club, the councillor and anyone else who might have some sway - and tell them.


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Well they have just lost 1 fan. I'm not really into cricket that much but I look out for how well my local team has done. Changing the name is basically like saying this is the Birmingham team now if your not from Birmingham support someone else.

Its because the council have demanded this name change as they lent Warwickshire some money to build the new stand , which raises questions over the use of ratepayer money in any case.


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It's a commercial decision. Way the world is going in sport. Don't really like it but...

Interestingly a survey they did of support showed that particularly the Asian community liked the idea of them being Birmingham rather than Warwickshire. They are scrapping like everyone else for paying punters.

As I say, not that I like it!

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I guess that is the flip side rev.

We were at the pears v bears, ground was half empty. Those protesting possible amongst the absentees ?

We all like the history and identity though. As you say, it is the way sport is going.

The questions I asked re what would you accept for success at villa being very pertinent.

Will summarise and do an article at some point when back. Find it all fascinating and deeply disturbing at the same time!


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When T20 was launched it was an oddity, we had a particularly good summer and the ticket prices were low, around £10. We've messed about too much and over done it. There is a limited amount of money and people get bored with it. It's not rocket science.


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Ridiculous decision - one question though, why would this alienate Villa fans? Are we not from Birmingham? Not trying to be funny, just genuinely confused.


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yeah to be fair that's me being paranoid I suppose - but I see at as a bit of one-up-manship from the bluenoses, and you can bet your bottom dollar that they'll use it as well. Particularly with the 'Birmingham' bears also playing in royal blue.

I dont see why it should bother the asians either. Considering how fanatacal they are about the sport I never see many on my trips to edgbaston. Signing Shahid Afridi or getting Sachin Tendulkar out of retirement would fill the stadium with southern asians if thats what they want.

Another thing worth mentioning is that the Bear and ragged staff is the symbol of Warwickshire. So the Birmingham Bears doesnt make much sense either, but then there is also a Aussie rules team called the Birmingham Bears who own some copyrights to the name, including the domain/internet addresses.

SirDennis has hit the nail on the head for the reasons behind it - but the council should back down because it wont make any difference, and will just be a costly waste of time.


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I wouldn't think Bluenoses would understand cricket - give them a bat and they'll just try and hit somebody with it.

I'd say you were being just a touch paranoid! You'd have to be quite a militant Villa Fan for it to bother you on them grounds. I totally agree with your other points though, I certainly don't buy the Asian community bit - that sounds tagged on to make the change sound more like an effort to integrate the community rather than the money spinner that it is. I'd have thought that if there was one community that would not need targeting to generate an interest in cricket it would be the Asian one.

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Plenty there at the bears v pears mcgrathforpope and true to form, despite this being a family game, they were singing whit on the villa.

Very much disliked the growing yobbery and in fact, pretty sure I started a thread at the time!!

This decision has been slated on their Facebook page that is for sure.