BBM Charity Football Fun Day 7th June 2014

Reet, we're pencilled in and I'm waiting on details to see if we can enter another.

7 a side football for BBM's charity foundation. £50 per side.

We need names and we'll post full details in due course. However it's at Heaton Stannington football ground.


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Apologies i've been too busy to chuck a thread up about it.

Stevie's Wonders are entered again so traning commences chaps.

I play every thursday at Powerleague if anyone wants to boost fitness.

Oh and we need a goalkeeper......


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Soz but I'm away in France for two weeks including that day but would like to donate towards the charity of choice. Can it be done via some web based donation system ?

PS I'd have a word with Ryan Taylor, he'd be looking for a game by then :17:
Amac. The Stephen Thompson Foundation (BBM's) is the charity and they have a just giving page if im not mistaken but we'll advertise all this nearer the time.

As an aside, I spoke to one of the organisers about entering a second team and we'll get notice if we can, next week with the only sticking point being that we could push out another team.

My reply to that was that we could have an over 40's tournament separate from the usual cup with our 'second' team being an over 40's side.

Watch this space I guess.


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Just a quick question! Are you definitely wanting proper shirts? I've got 2 sets of bibs in the house 11 black and 11 orange if they are any use. I still don't know for definate if I can play yet, but if I can't I can always give them to officemonkey or poisoned monkey.


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In & a cracked rib from practice to show for it so far.

I'll hang on asking people until we know what were short of,ie a keeper,massive pace,goals,defence,stamina....