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Basingstoke Town is up for sale on ebay


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Don't know if allowed to link so won't but so far there have been 72 bids, current price is £38,100 and there are 6 days left.

How much would Lincoln City make?


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Impartiality - 6/12/2016 16:56

Will whoever wins the bidding have to meet fit and proper person criteria?

Is it genuine?
I assume it is genuine.

Does the 7th tier have any "fit and proper" rules?


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Basingstoke Town: eBay auction to buy non-league club starts at 99p

Condition:Used :eek:


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Not sure if this has been posted elsewhere (apologies if it has), but I only found out today that Basingstoke were kicked out of their own ground by their Chairman and owner, who wants to build a housing estate on it.

He was Chairman for over 25 years, but when his plan to retire and re-coup his investment in the club by securing sole ownership of the club and profiting from re-locating the club and building on the old ground fell through, he chose to evict the team, dig up the pitch and plough on regardless.

There are some lovely people out there.