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Bash Birmingham Day

Something about the Congo, worst infant mortality than Mars and thousands of other soundbytes from Ofsted...who still don't realise schools exclude kids for known testing and intruct students to behave that day.

Bad parents are to blame for society’s ills, says Ofsted chief: Sir Michael Wilshaw attacks 'hollowed out and fragmented families'

But he's right isn't he...

Shame he had to ignore the fact Birmingham is no worse than other other major urban area, focus on departments not speaking to each other and sharing information that they physically can't due to the Data Protection Act oh and being a complete prick by referencing third world countries because he wanted to sound hard, clever, in touch and not in any way take advantage by creating soundbytes that will help hide what the real problems are.

Well done Michael Wilshaw (sir) my arse.

Let's also not ignore the stereotyping of single parent families and so on.

What was it Paul Eddington's Yes Minister used to claim back in the 80's, 70's (I'm not that old) we order an investigation to help not apportion blame???

But Brum's worse than Manchester, Glasgow, London - no let's talk about the Congo and have a fucking party and some dancing.

Daft sod. Ruined everything he wanted to say by wanting to take headlines.
Oh and no, I read about this earlier and saw it on Mids Today with Albert he really is Bore ing.

My thoughts weren't presumed by the Fail article.
Oh and just to be annoying as I like being. Haven't all of the kiddy deaths in Birmingham lately involved a family with 2 presumed parents, a mother and a father (whether step or real) so how does the family breakdown wash?

Or is it a reverse psychology moment where he actually states that two members of a family make up who don't get along, don't work, and frankly would be better apart if not neutered and dead, is better than applying traditional beliefs that kids only benefit from two parents of the opposite sex?


I'm here all week.

The Fear

A Wise Man (once sat next to him)
Brum is no worse than any other inner city area in the uk and a damn sight better than many places in the world.

I say that with little affiliation to Brum as I was born and bred in the then independent Surton Coldfield. Those if us who lived in Four Oaks used to love Birmingham because it kept most of you scum out of our area!



The bloke is obviously, as you say, a headline grabbing attention seeking pompous idiot.


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I rarely go into Birmingham, but when I do I enjoy it, I do it for an event (german market, sea life centre, big night out, a shopping trip etc...) a bit like how many people see London.

Also, like London, I wouldnt want to live there. Primarily because the schooling is poor, but generally I think the people have been let down badly by their council.


And where do the bad parents come from? Like ive said before the education system needs changing.

What we are witnessing now is Blair's Britain.."Education, Education, Education! Today's people are the products of Labour's term in power. The nanny state, the PC state, were singkle parents will no longer feel the pinch - child poverty to be reduced under Labour, so much so that it paid well to have many kids.. The administration in schools making headmasters worry more about targets than actually producing a generation of business minded people. In fact the way too much administration everywhere in education full stop!

You reap what you sow...
Almost with you there GT.

But make the distinction between real poverty which has improved slightly I believe, and relative poverty which is judged on how big your TV is, whether you have more than one, whether you have a games console etc.

That's what Labour focused on, hence such good increases, but it was never really to do with having enough food on the table.

It's like this report above sadly, the real issues and problems will be ignored because the report as presented to the public takes a few high profile fuck ups, goes way over the top to pretend it has a hard line, but when it comes to problem fixing they'll focus on what they overblew to begin with to show a response.

The real underlying problems like poverty and not relative poverty, won't get the discussion time and will continue to slip under the net.


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Forget your Bradys and Hindleys, when it comes to child murder, it is the parents of the victim who are usually the perpetrators.

It always has been and it always will.

Michael Wilshaw is an ex-headmaster who might know about how to get kids through their GCSEs but he has absolutely no idea about how to deal with the sort of social and family dysfunction which are the causes of the tragedies we are all too familiar with.

He could use threats of detention or exclusion but I am not sure that would really work.

The problem is that these issues are so much the subject of public outrage that no political body really wants to be associated with any attempt at trying to solve them, and all bureaucracies are structured to protect the higher management and government from blame and accountability.

Providing these bulkheads to protect those in charge and attempting to eliminate all initiative from the work methods used on the ground to try and create rigid control (box-ticking), has created a sclerotic system that can only fail.

Once you start to add in the fact that it is such a political hot potato that no government are prepared to tell the public the actual scale of the problem, for obvious reasons, the public are not in a position to assess the actual size of the problem or fairly judge the failings of those who are attempting to tackle it.

For sure no one wants the jobs in Birmingham because the consequences of failure are too onerous and the government wants to keep it at arms length because they don't want to be implicated when the shit inevitably hits the fan.

So their solution is to get one of their political appointees to stand in the street shouting national disgrace and uttering obvious platitudes about how children are killed by bad parents.

It would seem that the fundamental error which underpins this story, is the assumption that it is within the power and ability of the government to stop parents from killing their children.

Even given a less risk-averse bureaucracy and a less cowardly government, this seems unlikely.



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A few days ago I saw the headline in The Guardian 'Birmingham a National Disgrace' lol, as if they were making a general comment about everything related to the city. Of course the Guardian, being a London-Manchester paper has always stuck the boot into Brum whenever possible, but I must admit, the headline was removed after a short while.