Barnsley draw


Vital Reserves Team
Decent first half I thought when we should have taken the lead, Canos seemed on fire in the first 30 minutes. Second half we just got increasingly frustrated as Barnsley defended in numbers and time wasted at all costs to stop us playing football, and try and hit us on the break ( which they did with some pace).

Overall another point but a tad disappointing we didn't win. Somehow the management and team have to work out how to get round teams that play with so many behind the ball at GP.

Next home game is SW which should be more of an open game, hopefully...


Vital 1st Team Regular
I was at a loss of what to think. Thought first half was disappointing but although we came out all barrels firing second half it was still a bit drab The atmosphere seemed great from both ends so maybe you had to be there to enjoy. It is a bit different stuck in a house a thousand miles away lol.

We struggled against Barnsley last year, it was my only home game in a three game visit that included Newcastle and Derby away. We lost two nil in a poor match. I felt they were pretty good coming forward and was relieved they sat back for most of it.

Agree, Kent. Sergi was on fire and really keen.

My problem with management is that every single substitution is like for like. Never anything that will change the set up or how we go about things. Why not try something a little different. Nope let's just take one off an hope the replacement who plays the same will find a hole the one he's replacing didn't.

We also need a striker. I had high hopes for Maupay. Am seeing now, I was wrong. He's not the man. Vibe is a decent second choice but we desperately need a big scorer and target man.


Vital 1st Team Regular
Pretty much covered by you chaps above, lacklustre against negative opposition in poor conditions & voila we Just don’t win enough home games. Although not at fault on Sat, our makeshift back line isn’t cutting it, add a misfit forward & skilful but lightweight midfield & when we’re off we’re really off. Most obvious issue for me is the lack of an on field leader or two, pumped up with passion & determination. Not one out there! That said we’re also capable of taking someone apart on our day, but only a side that really wants to play & attack us.

Merry Christmas everyone & COYR