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1 - 3 at full time!!
Pools very much the architects of their own downfall. Two howlers from the defence gifting goals to Barnett.

Why are all the teams that come to Pools physically bigger, faster, more determined than our players? From the off high balls played up to James and O'Neill were gobbled up by the physically dominant Barñet defenders, and we had no plan B!


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Watched the match on BT Sport. We were not unlucky to lose, in fact only one way to describe our performance : "inept". Their first goal was similar to so many we have let in at the Vic....high ball into the far post, no one competes effectively and their centre forward buries it. Their other two goals would have been an embarrassment to a school team. After our goal I don't recall their keeper making a save. I did think we had a chance for the play offs this year but unless there are a number of changes there is a strong chance we could go out of this league in the opposite direction. OK we can get 0-0s away from home be we really possess no goal threat.


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To be fair the first goal was totally Loach’s territory, their second and third were defensive errors sick of saying it but we’re not learning lessons. The amount of times we pumped it high and long to a diminutive James feeding the beast who marked him but we still continued to do it with the same outcome.

Every time the ball is in the air we have a maximum 50% chance of gaining possession, as it’s pools that falls to about 30% but we still do it.

We keep appointing rookie managers and it doesn’t work out but we keep doing it.
John Still’s Barnet were very good at keeping possession, closing us down and quick at turning defence into attack, a well drilled side with a well experienced manager, here endeth today’s lesson