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Bands You Wish You had seen...

Rob the Imp

Vital Football Hero
Wish I'd seen Thin Lizzy back in the day (impossibility given that I was born after Phil Lynott died). Did see the revived version at Sheffield City Hall in 2007 though, even if it was just Scott Gorham plus others.

Also Queen, and Bob Dylan back when you could actually tell what he was saying.


Vital Football Legend
Here's a weird one. Green on Red. It's weird because I have a suspicion I saw them at Rock City or The Town And Country Club but can't actually remember.

Anyway, one of my favourite bands. Have a listen...


Vital Squad Member
Apart from some artists from the late 1950's/ 1960's who had disappeared long before I was old enough,one group who I would have liked to see was The Who.

Barney Imp

Vital Football Hero
Some good - and accurate - stuff there.

They lost record contracts because they wouldn't follow the latest fad to gain sales for the company. In reality, they would be a couple of steps ahead.

It's a shame that nothing is mentioned of now - still playing, still writing new music (new album "Carnivorous" just released), gigging (played the Royal Albert Hall on last year's tour - and headlined the acoustic stage at Glastonbury - not quite acoustic mind) and very much being themselves. And really nice folk to boot.

Last two albums (of new material) made the UK top 30 album charts too.

And still definitely rock theatre - projections, lights, lasers, strobes, dancers, huge sound...


Vital 1st Team Regular
Bob Marley and the Wailers, Led Zep, Nirvana, Frank Sinatra, in fact too many to mention. I havnt included any band I still might have the chance to see but will mention the Rolling Stones, I need to get over the ticket price when they do tour and just do it before it's too late else I will regret it. I really am missing live gigs.
Saw the Stones at the Olympic Stadium last time round - they blew the f***ing doors off. Bite the bullet and do it, you won't regret it!


Vital Squad Member
Someone I really want to see when it becomes possible again is the Icelandic sensation Daði Freyr.
Some uk dates scheduled next year but will they happen? And tickets not easy to get I expect.