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Baboon Murder


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A baboon was shot dead after it escaped from its safari park enclosure.

The animal was killed after it managed to climb over the perimeter fence at Knowsley Safari Park in Merseyside at 10:15 BST.

The adult male had been chased out of its enclosure two hours before by a group of 20 males as it tried to protect its mate.

The safari park said it resolved the situation "quickly, safely and humanely".

Find this disgraceful, the fact that these wild animals are locked away in the first place is bad enough, but to be shot dead after escaping, trying to protect his partner. Surely a fast acting tranquilliser should have been used?

The Fear

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Pretty shite way to treat an animal, agreed chico.

Apart from for conservation, I'm also not really keen on animals being locked up for entertainment.
Apparently the tranquilizers take 20 minutes to work and make the Baboon even more aggressive.

Baboons are highly dangerous so they didn't have much option unfortunately.


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The point is we have absolutely no right to take this wild animals life. If the animal could not be kept securely the park should not have the animals.

I bet we wouldn't should dead an escape convict from a prison!!

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I find this story awful. Tragic that an animal can be shot when just protecting it's mate.... whatever the circumstances. So many things wrong with this.
It's not ideal but I'd rather save my energy to worry about more important matters, the situation in Syria for example, or closer to home, drug addicts injecting and collapsing where they sit in open daylight. Besides, this was an issue of safety, it had to be done. The very existence and purpose of zoos is another matter.


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Reading this story I couldn't get my head around how 20 scouse scallywags got into the enclosure and started chasing it... finally clicked.