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Aways Fans Asked Which Grounds They Like To Visit

Well, my favourite away ground is Craven Cottage. Although full disclosure - I have never seen Villa play there. Went to see Fulham v Juventus in the Europa League a few years ago. Fulham won 4-1.
I agree about the identikit ground but disagree re Goodison. Any ground where you can't see the whole pitch is a no no for me.

I do like Craven Cottage but their fans have clappers !!!!

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Think Goodison Park is a right hole, the away seating I was in was pathetic.

Used to like Upton Park. Some of us used to have great trips to Wigan, but that was more the drink and day out than the ground. Like the setting for Craven Cottage. The Emirates is the most comfortable place I have been in! Dislike Old Trafford but only because of the results there.
The Emirates is a lovely comfortable place , better than Wembley for me.

Newcastle is ok although a bit high up and I enjoyed Barnsley last year in an old fashioned kind of way.


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I've been to Goodison quite a few times since the early 90's and sat in 3 different stands as they kept moving the away end. Not had a problem myself but its probably luck of the draw when you buy a ticket. Only thing that put me off that place was the locals outside.


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I’ve been many grounds round the UK and Europe but never been to Goodison and Anfield, sure it won’t be long before I do.

As a visitor it would have to be one of the grounds I’ve visited in Europe for sure but as an away fan with Villa my fondest memory comes from the Emirates, really nice ground to visit and we won 2-0 the day I went, last away game of the 2010/11 season and we were in fancy dress, great day.

Hate to say it but I like going to West Brom., they have a pub nearby called The Vine which is great for a pre match drink and some Asian grub, obviously it’s a derby so it’s always a good one!

There’s many other good ones that could easily get an honourable mention too.
Stamford Bridge was OK in the old days, before they started building more stands. Wide, open terraces. Could end up rubbing shoulders with the Chelsea Set who liked to put in appearances there. Craven Cottage OK in a sort of restricted way. White Hart Lane was a miserable place, like the fans, Upton Park better. Highbury was OK but had a horribly smug atmosphere.