Audio - Smith Thrilled With Preston Win


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Brentford head coach Dean Smith was a pleased and delighted man at the full time whistle in today's game against Preston North End.

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Strange game as at half time it was looking a like a 1 or 2 nil win at best. Would have come away saying a hard earned professional job after a long week.

But Preston fell apart after the second goal and we took advantage with some slick passing and goals.

Thought it was Sawyers' best game for us and of course Hogan was excellent. Once gain though the win was built on a strong defensive performance with Dean imperious. This has become a real feature this season as we soak up pressure in the first half without conceding then build a winning momentum in the second.

If we are still top 6 or there abouts after the next 3/4 games we can start to dream maybe.

A very good eight days.


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Dear All

A flattering score but how good were the last ten minutes?!

The subs made a difference. If MacEachran can play like that consistently, he can challenge for a starting spot and I shall drop the crab references forthwith.

Great to see Deano score his first since Fulham. Maybe the Preston bloke interviewed by Beesotted before the game was not taking the piss when he said that Harlee was always a threat at set-pieces!

In the pub afterwards, we were trying to work out the last time a Brentford player scored a hat-trick (Jordan Rhodes v Shrewsbury 2009 possibly??) and the last time we won by five goals (ruling out the Grella game in the Mickey Mouse Cup as it's a joke competition). Can anyone shed any light?




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Good summaries Kent & GB, good to have you back btw.

What a week, loved all 3 days out but now need to detox.

We've no need to consider selling anyone in Jan, probs shouldn't even talk about it, but if the money gets silly everyone has their price. If it helps build bfc further I'm ok with it. Good shout on Josh by the way GB, added a touch of quality when it was needed, same at VP.

We're doing ok - credit to DS for building a competitive team from a talented squad.


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Thought the first half was a bit scrappy and at times they looked a bit useful. They certainly came out all guns blazing second half but faded. First goal was best move of first half.
Thought Sawyers was our MOM, he was involved in everything and I was wrong about him. He's getting better every match,. Great to see Dean get on the score sheet. Brentford through and through and another impressive performance from him.
Very good shout on Clarke and nice to be able to take off one quick winger for another. All in all a great week for us


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Sawyers has had a decent week, all about confidence with him I feel. Whereas someone like Hogan is brimming with it, Sawyers needs to settle and feel that he is a good player at this level.

Den has been immense since Egan went in next to him. And as GB mentioned even Mceachran has had 2 decent cameos, his passing improved us a lot on Saturday.

Smith is building something here, a lot less frills than the best days of Warbs, but something with foundations that start at the back - throw a Pritch, Canos,Judge,Jota into this team and we'd be contenders.

Decent comments on BFC again from Holloway on the EFL goals show, Virgo on the channel 5 version was more dismissive - maybe realistic when saying we were mid table at best.