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Attempted hijack of plane


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It's being reported on BBC from Turkey that there has been an attempted hijack at Istanbul to fly a plane to Sochi.
Thankfully it appears to have failed


There has been a lot of terror activity in Turkey for a while now so it wouldn't surprise me if there's an outside influence that is aiding them, I remember the insurgents blowing up banks a couple of years ago and hitting tourism resorts, seems only natural after doing the same thing for so long without many results that they would upgrade their manuals.

Juan Mourep

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FYI the CIA are well known to subvert governments and end regimes, infiltration and control of "terrorist" groups is also well documented, but I shall resist the urge to mock your ignorance as you did my post, do some research.

Next you'll be telling me that the CIA are not the biggest drug dealers on the planet....