Atmosphere @ GP


Vital 1st Team Regular
If you've listened to this week's besotted podcast they raised the question as to the more subdued atmos at GP so far this season.

Several big reasons from my perspective in the braemar side. Firstly the number of bods on phones through the game - mainly checking other scores but a real atmos killer. Second is the sheer number of people who slip off for a beer 15 mins before HT, some come back late, many not at all preferring to watch on the screen. Thirdly the tension of the match, this is a crazy good league & many are totally engrossed in it or nervous.

When we had no expectations we went for it but it seems different now.

The podcast is well worth a listen for those that don't already.


Vital Squad Member
The phone one is quite interesting, never thought of that before but you are right. I forgive the people that stand with me because they are doing the beesotted tweets but I don't see the point of regularly looking up what other clubs are doing unless it's near the end of the season.

The sloping off for a beer can easily be sorted by either turning the TV off or allowing people to drink at their seats like they do in thugby and cricket and non-league.

The tension is a good point too. Maybe we should just be less worried about the outcome and enjoy the occasion. Difficult to do when you care so much!