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Aston Villa vs Stoke City Sat 15th Dec 3pm

Moving on. Strange KO time 3pm on a Saturday and no cameras what's going on?

We welcome Stoke City to Villa Park, (not really but I was being polite )
I'm thinking a win which I'm sure most of you will agree with, it will be tough but with Dean Smith doing his tactics I'm sure we'll be giving it one hell of a go.

The same team for me with someone replacing the injured Taylor, how about Albert if he's fit, if Ashley Young can play for England at Fullback I'm sure Uncle Albert would do well for us. He can tackle and I'm sure Brucie started him at right back once. He'd be dynamite with Bolasie down the left.
I might put this out there to Smudger


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it's nice to talk about another game rather than the Albion game, which in my humble we should of scored from so many chances to win the game before what unfolded and all teams would of claimed THAT goal so can we move on.
Stoke are a tuff team to break down but are poor going forward, like Middlesbrough so I think a 2:0 win for the Villa.
plus we need to Win to close on the top 6 as I can see Norwich losing at Bristol.
We have some tickets for this, cant wait. First time the better half has been mobile enough to make it to the middle Trinity for a while. Elmo in and Hutton left back will do for me.


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Really hope we wipe the smirk off that smug twat Rowetts face, the bloke is a complete bell end.
Elmo in for Taylor with Hutton at LB for me. Looked far better that way on Friday. I think Elmo gets far more stick than he deserves - he kept Barnes quiet when he came on last game and was looking the main danger up until then.


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Honestly can't wait for this one now Dean Smith has really give me my mojo and Villa back and I'm absolutely loving it again and I don't fear any team now home or away. Been a long time since I have been able to say that. We will win yeah why not even if Stoke come and park the bus you just know we will keep chipping away till we find away through it's brilliant being a Villan right now.


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Looking forward to this one. Combining it with the boys xmas day/night out so I might not remember much of it. Hopefully if we score 6 I'll remember one of them.


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Looking forward to every week at the moment, Saturday can’t come quick enough.

This will be a tough game, Rowett will be keen to do one and Stoke are one of our bogey teams at home. I went for a tactical draw in the prediction league, a narrow win will do me.


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A win, and an emphatic one at that. Rowett is just a newer, shitter version of Pulis. He'll try to do exactly what Middlesbrough did and get the exact same treatment. They'll sit deep and let us have the ball. For most of the last decade or so that would have meant 90 minutes of frustration but now I can see us smashing through their defence. 3 nil to the Villa.
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Can't stand Rowett.. Villa fan or not he's a chancer and it amazes me that top clubs keep giving him jobs.

Then again... look at Lambert. Club owners are just idiots.
Maybe he interviews well.

He did exceptionally well at City. He had them playing and getting results. They were seventh in the league I think when he was sacked and Harry Redknapp almost took them into Div 1.

He had a rough start at Stoke but he has got them playing a bit now.
The thing I have noticed about his teams is that they are always likely to get a good tanking but, recover from it.


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I was talking to a group of Derby fans on the train after our match last April and not one of them seemed enthused by Rowett. They all said they would probably get into the play offs at last, but the football was shit under him. He acted like a twat when we beat Small Heath in the cup under Sherwood as well, tried to make out he knew our team beforehand

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Makes me laugh that some wanted Rowett at villa. He was not very complimentary about us when he was at Blues.
And his football is piss boring. Anyone who saw Derby at our place at the end of last season will tell you. Likewise anyone who watched the second leg of the play off semi at Fulham will say the same. Negative , defensive, more so than Bruce.

And, if my kids ever chewed with their mouth open like he does they would get a huge bollocking . Disgusting chew face man.
Potters aren't exactly hitting the heights, but they're not really falling over either. Think it's in our hands; can we maintain the high levels we've achieved? Yes, and I think we'll win. It's at home, which should be an extra factor.

I know Tammy is playing well, apart from the misses. But I'd like to see Kodj up front again. With the service he'd now get I think he'd make his mark. Bolasie is currently a bit of a mixture, and maybe keeping him as impact sub and playing Tammy out wide a bit could be useful.

3-1 to us.