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Aston Villa v Norwich City Match Thread

Thomas Holte

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An opportunity for those on here who have sadly lost someone close to them in the last 12 months and supported Aston Villa.

It's nice to remember them, pay a tribute and celebrate their lives while they were down here with us:clap::clap::clap:

"Fans can remember their loved ones who have passed away this season during the game against Norwich City – as we hold a ‘Holte Enders in the Sky’ tribute.
We’re inviting supporters to send in picture/name of those close to them who have passed away in the last 12 months.

Then we will be inviting supporters to join forces at 20mins 18seconds during the Canaries game for an emotional rendition of ‘Holte Enders in the Sky’ – a song for all generations - as the big screen flashes through a gallery of images of the claret and blue army members we have sadly lost.
To be included, please email no later than Friday 26th April 2019."
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The Fear

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I'd rest a good few players. McGinn for sure (on 14 yellows), Jack perhaps, Mings had a knock the other day.

Glad you asked.

Clearly a Villa win :utv:
An awkward game as we can't field a reserve side as apparently it's against the rules .
But we could field the Jedi Barney Lansbury Hutton Hause Kalinic Chester Davis etc There's 8 add 3 kids and the can't touch us ?


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Think it's important to keep the unbeaten run going myself. You can see the confidence oozing through the team at the moment, so I'd prefer not to go into the play offs on the back of a big defeat at home.
Rest McGinn so he doesn't get suspended, but apart from that I'd keep the main core of the team in.
Smith has as good as said McGinn won't play and I would leave Super Jack out as well. As for the rest maybe Axel and Mings will play but if Hause is fit he and Elphick could have a run out. Tammy will need a game so this one would be ideal.

Melon Donkey

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Bit of a distraction now this game. Could do without it . All eyes on 11th . Fair play to Norwich but i have no interest in their promotion party and I don't care if we spoil it or not. Easier to pick a team for play off first leg then work backwards

My team for 1st leg.

So. Don't want to see any of these playing against Norwich

Maybe we could play the u23's. They were brilliant in December and January so should be even better now :grinning:

Melon Donkey

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We were limp dicks against Millwall last year and took that into play offs, the goals and chances dried up.

I understand the concept of just resting everyone but shouldn`t we be trying to remain unbeaten and full of beans.
Different manager. Different philosophy. Whatever the outcome we won't be limp dicks under Smith. I'm not concerned about momentum now. If the team can't get up for tbe play offs then we don't deserve promotion . We simply cannot risk key players.
We can change a number of players without incurring unwanted FA attention, as most of our squad have played a fair few games this season. No need for McGinn, Grealish or Mings to play.

Axel could do with some minutes under his belt, Tammy can come back in to sharpen up ahead of the playoffs, give Sarkic (or Kalinic if fit) a go in goal. Hutton for Elmo maybe (for a B6 send off).

Hutton / Axel / Elphick / Taylor
Lansbury / Hourihane
Green / Tammy / Albert

or similar would do fine.

As Melon says, it's all about the 11th May now.