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Aston Villa v Bolton Wanderers, Sat 30th Sept @ 3pm

No rest for the wicked.

'Hapless' Bolton pitch up on Saturday having lost 7 on the bounce. Meanwhile, it looks like we have forgotten how to lose. Surely only one winner?

4-1 Villa.

No messing about here.

Barring injuries we will be unchanged and a convincing win will take us in to the international break brimful of confidence before a run of huge games in October.
I think Bolton will come and put 10 men behind the ball and hope to frustrate us.

We've struggled when teams do this in the past. I don't think it will be pretty but I do think we'll manage to break them at some point.



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Spot on Deano, the poorer the opposition the more clueless we become. We have always struggled against these type of teams that set up for a draw. I would also take 1-0.
wittonite - 27/9/2017 10:16

Spot on Deano, the poorer the opposition the more clueless we become. We have always struggled against these type of teams that set up for a draw. I would also take 1-0.
This has definitely been true in the past, but Barnsley and Burton were two poor sides and we saw them both off fairly comfortably. So hopefully we have found a way to play against bad teams.

Admittedly these were away from home, where Barnsley and Burton were maybe a bit more adventurous than they might have been at B6, but the signs are encouraging I would say.


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Yes JPA we could do with an early goal on Saturday to put the cat amogst the pigeons with regard to any defensive tactics from Bolton, and then for us apply pressure on the ball for the whole game, not just the first half, as we have a tendancy to do at B6.
Think the difference is JPA that Burton and Barnsley were on their home turf so almost duty bound to try and win the game if they want to survive.

Bolton, given their run and given they are away to a promotion favourite will take a 0-0 all day long, so i actually think will be harder to play against.

Hope I'm wrong and it';s another goal fest, but would snap your hand of for a boring 1-0 win

Yes a win in any manner will do me. We may have to be very patient so I hope the crowd stay with it if it is still 0-0 after 70 mins.


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On one hand I think we will definitely win, on the other hand I think there's no way we will win 4 games in a row so I don't know what to think anymore.


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I'd be surprised if Bolton came out of their own half early on. I think we'll need to score early and lure them out.
Roll on Saturday!

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I think it will be tough too, like a few have already said. However, if we can get one in the first 15 minutes, that would draw them out a bit and we could then finish 3-0 winners. But I go for a scrappy 1-0 this time.


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As with most above, I'll be happy with a 1-0. Unchanged team again please Brucey.

I can't see much danger from them unless we get complacent, either us getting too keen to get up the pitch or we play ourselves into trouble at the back.



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The top teams, when faced with a 'parked bus' tactic, usually keep calm and keep the ball, moving it around and making the opposition chase around.
This tires the defending team because it really is harder work when playing without the ball than playing with it.
The top teams press high up the pitch to get the ball back as quickly as possible, when the opposition do have the ball.
Man Utd have done this this season on several occasions very successfully, scoring in the last 10 minutes a number of times.
This is the way we should be when faced with a 10 man defence.
One thing that should be noted is, that the central defence and holding midfielder must stay in position, unless a corner is won and then the usual cover is in place.
It is for games like this that the top teams play a 3-man back line.
Silhillvilla - 27/9/2017 20:47

Unless of course we manage an early goal then it will probably be 4 or 5-0

Yes, when I went 4-1 a the start of this thread, I was anticipating an early goal, which would open the floodgates. The longer we go without scoring, the tighter it will be and a 1-0 would do just fine.