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Aston Villa: Memory Lane.

Thomas Holte

Vital Football Hero

Wonderful and happy memories of the whole day from the minute I woke up and made my way to Wembley from Brourenmouth Central to returning to a pub full of local, Boscombe friends who clapped me and my mate in and presented us with a Villa cake complete with Villa Subbuteo players.

It still makes me feel proud and no one or nothing can ever take that day and night away from me.


JP Healy

Vital Squad Member
Imagine what he would have achieved with owners like our current ones.
Yes,l have mellowed somewhat regarding Doug. He was innovative and dragged us out of the 19th (sic) century but we became Ellis Villa and the sale to Randy,as bad as it turned out,was not before time. I remember the likes of Shankly, Paisley and Ferguson seeing Villa as joining the elite, the Man United, Liverpool and Arsenal triumvirate. But Doug failed to adjust to the modern game and we knew the rest. Current owners? Excellent start, but we are,in purely football terms, light years behind the Sky 4 or is it 6? Solid foundations laid now, particularly with youth recruitment, allied to serious,when appropriate, investment,will give us a fighting chance.


Vital 1st Team Regular
And the team included Brendan Ormsby & Terry Donovan who scored twice. Just over 20,000 attendance [including me of course] ..... the start of the unforgettable exploits against Dynamo Berlin, Dynamo Kiev & Anderlecht. Those legs at home were pure electric, the last two in particular. As for the Brussels trip ... hmmmm


Vital 1st Team Regular
Happy Birthday Des:cheers:

Every good team needs a dynamo type of player at the heart of midfield and Des was our unsung hero who did the job to perfection.

That Ron Saunders bloke certainly knew how to assemble a team;)
You know what, Des Bremner would be worth squillions today, absolute squillions, he was an unsung superstar. Magnificent midfielder.