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Aston Villa Gamble On An Old Friend As We Look To Change Our Fortunes


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32 Red are part of the Kindred Group, so are Unibet .
So it's not a new sponsor as such , just a different brand on the shirt from within the Kindred Group.
How much do these shirt sponsorships bring in? cant be worth more than £1 million a season does anyone know. It hardly seems worth defacing a football shirt with these crude betting logos.

It would be nice to have the choice of not having the logo for replica shirts, kits would look much better without. Having Acorns was a great gesture a few years back, now it mostly gambling companies, a sad indictment of where football is at.
I am probably wrong, but I think Genting? was in the region of £3.5m a season and if I've got the right company that was a record for us - when many thought it would be FX Pro (but I could've screwed names here, it's Friday I'm drinking!). It's in our news archives but since we've moved sites I haven't yet worked out how to use that function as I've been busy lol

Champ level a best guestimate given Genting would drop to at least £2.5m based on fanbase, and the pull we still have for TV games at this level.

The sponsor - is a different question and debate.

With U18 sides not capable of carrying 'some' sponsors, the debate on whether a club should offer no sponsor on the shirt in return for an extra tenner is older than me mate.

Nostalgia - I wouldn't swap my Mita Copiers, or Rover, or Acorns etc for anything. But COWS, FX Pro, Genting etc I'd pay slightly extra to not advertise financial or betting companies myself.

I don't bet so I hate that and don't actually own one I believe, but that's more based on available money with family in mind. If we ever went pay day loan company I flat out would not buy the shirt or consider doing so even if I won the lottery.

I wouldn't if they paid me personally. Scum sucking.....


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I hate the idea of our great club being used a vehicle to promote betting companies despite the immortal words of the one and only Sir Ron Saunders