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Aston Heritage Weekend this week


Vital Youth Team
I thought some people might like this who are local, I am taking my parents as they were born in Aston

There are tours of Villa, bus trips entry to the wonderful Aston Hall etc, seems a worth while event to support, if people have a spare day over the weekend.



Vital Squad Member
Have just got home having had a really good day. Did the tour of Villa Park first, fantastic. Seeing things like the dressing rooms and Lamberts match day room. I noticed even the ball boys have there own room as well. After that I went in Aston church, last time I was in there was 1966, best man to brother.
Aston Hall next and finally went to the Mosque. All in all well worth the effort.


Vital Champions League
Me and Rich went to Aston Hall first, love that place and did the tour at Villa Park. Really good for free. Filled up the afternoon nicely.


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Pretty sure its just today mate, it was on the official site but have just checked and its now gone. Apparently this was the 5th year running and I had never heard about it before until I saw this thread.