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Aspartame - get messed up! (+ energy drinks!)



Forgot to do a post on this wonderful substance, and a thanks to the Fear who reminded me in a roundabout way and supplied a nice link :35:

PLEASE take the time to go through this, and then read your labels, you'll be amazed how much this stuff gets into.

Aspartame Side Effects

There are over 92 different health side effects associated with aspartame consumption. It seems surreal, but true. How can one chemical create such chaos?

Aspartame dissolves into solution and can therefore travel throughout the body and deposit within any tissue. The body digests aspartame unlike saccharin, which does not break down within humans.

The multitude of aspartame side effects are indicative to your genetic individuality and physical weaknesses. It is important to put two and two together, nonetheless, and identify which side effects aspartame is creating within you.

Aspartame Side Effects

The components of aspartame can lead to a number of health problems, as you have read. Side effects can occur gradually, can be immediate, or can be acute reactions.

Aspartame Information:

Aspartame Side Effects
Aspartame Case Histories
Artifical Sweeteners
Message Board Forum:
Think you are having an aspartame reaction? Join Dr. Hull's aspartame message board forum and communicate with others!

Ask Dr Hull Forum

According to Lendon Smith, M.D. there is an enormous population suffering from side effects associated with aspartame, yet have no idea why drugs, supplements and herbs don’t relieve their symptoms. Then, there are users who don’t ‘appear’ to suffer immediate reactions at all. Even these individuals are susceptible to the long-term damage caused by excitatory amino acids, phenylalanine, methanol, and DKP.

Adverse reactions and side effects of aspartame include:

blindness in one or both eyes
decreased vision and/or other eye problems such as: blurring, bright flashes, squiggly lines, tunnel vision, decreased night vision
pain in one or both eyes
decreased tears
trouble with contact lenses
bulging eyes

tinnitus - ringing or buzzing sound
severe intolerance of noise
marked hearing impairment

epileptic seizures
headaches, migraines and (some severe)
dizziness, unsteadiness, both
confusion, memory loss, both
severe drowsiness and sleepiness
paresthesia or numbness of the limbs
severe slurring of speech
severe hyperactivity and restless legs
atypical facial pain
severe tremors

severe depression
personality changes

palpitations, tachycardia
shortness of breath
recent high blood pressure

diarrhea, sometimes with blood in stools
abdominal pain
pain when swallowing

Skin and Allergies
itching without a rash
lip and mouth reactions
aggravated respiratory allergies such as asthma

Endocrine and Metabolic
loss of control of diabetes
menstrual changes
marked thinning or loss of hair
marked weight loss
gradual weight gain
aggravated low blood sugar (hypoglycemia)
severe PMS

frequency of voiding and burning during urination
excessive thirst, fluid retention, leg swelling, and bloating
increased susceptibility to infection

Additional Symptoms of Aspartame Toxicity include the most critical symptoms of all

irreversible brain damage
birth defects, including mental retardation
peptic ulcers
aspartame addiction and increased craving for sweets
hyperactivity in children
severe depression
aggressive behavior
suicidal tendencies

Aspartame may trigger, mimic, or cause the following illnesses:

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Post-Polio Syndrome
Lyme Disease
Grave’s Disease
Meniere’s Disease
Alzheimer’s Disease
Multiple Sclerosis (MS)
Mercury sensitivity from Amalgam fillings
Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)

These are not allergies or sensitivities, but diseases and disease syndromes. Aspartame poisoning is commonly misdiagnosed because aspartame symptoms mock textbook ‘disease’ symptoms, such as Grave’s Disease.

Aspartame changes the ratio of amino acids in the blood, blocking or lowering the levels of serotonin, tyrosine, dopamine, norepinephrine, and adrenaline. Therefore, it is typical that aspartame symptoms cannot be detected in lab tests and on x-rays. Textbook disorders and diseases may actually be a toxic load as a result of aspartame poisoning.

Ever gone to the doctor with real, physical symptoms, but he/she can’t find the cause? Well, it’s probably your diet, your environment, or both.

Aspartame is the common denominator for over 92 different health symptoms at the root of modern disease. The Aspartame Detoxification Program demonstrates the most effective way to reverse disease symptoms is removing the underlying cause - aspartame.

I counsel aspartame victims worldwide and have witnessed nine out of 10 clients restore their health by following the Aspartame Detoxification Program. Begin with detoxifying your body of all residual chemical toxins from aspartame's chemical make up of phenylalanine, aspartic acid and methanol and their toxic by-products, and see if any adverse health symptoms remain. Try the Aspartame Detoxification Program, and within 30 days your symptoms should disappear.


Remove all sugar-free products with aspartame from your diet.
Learn to 'read' your body. Begin recording any health changes.
Get a hair analysis.
Be happy with yourself.
Restore depleted nutrients.
Exercise and get plenty of rest.
Eat 75% raw foods at every meal.
Drink water, water, water.
Get control of your life.
I designed this Ten Step Program to help protect your health and the health of those you love from being seduced by the sugar-free diet craze. Wishing you good health.

What can you do about aspartame side effects?

Set an example by changing your diet.

Tell everyone you know.
Talk to the schools and day care centers. Offer to speak at parent-teachers meetings.
Contact your local, state, and Federal government representatives.
If you see someone with a diet drink, ask if they have had any of the typical aspartame side effects.
Spread the word at your work.
Distribute the Aspartame Consumer Safety Network and Pilot's Hotline
Tell your doctor about the scientific research available proving the negative side effects of aspartame.
Register a complaint with the FDA, the FAA, the NutraSweet Company about aspartame poisoning.
Return all food products with aspartame, opened or unopened, to your grocer. Tell him/her the products make you sick. The grocer can return them to the manufacturer for a store refund. The manufacturer should get the message. So, will the grocer.
Spread the word on computer networks.
Publish articles in newsletters at your church, place of work, or neighborhood association.
Set a personal example for health and wellness.


The Fear

A Wise Man (once sat next to him)
Yup, got some reading to do tonight, as I've been using plenty of energy drinks this year to fuel me through the whatever the feck the flair up was.

I've been going (first time ever) for the sugar free 'diet' stuff so I assume full of aspartame. (The sugar version might also, I'll have to look)

So looking forward (I dont' get out much) to looking into this substance and it looks like I need to re-adjust what I'm doing!

Villan Of The North

Vital Football Legend
On the subject of alternatives to sugar, what is the general consensus on stivia? As I understand it, it's available for human consumption in the UK and US. Here in Norway it is only available for animal consumption.


Vital Football Legend
I have quite a few of those conditions listed and where's I doubt they were caused by aspartame, it may not be helping my conditions so I will get checking out what foods we have in etc. etc. etc.

Thanks Steff

The Fear

A Wise Man (once sat next to him)
Depends if you buy normal or diet skeggy. Don't think the sugar ( normal) ones have it, I've not looked so could be wrong, might look later) but diet ones use it as a sweetener

The Fear

A Wise Man (once sat next to him)
Yes, just diet versions I think:

Prob not the healthiest thing to drink anyway but does give you some mental stimulation, trouble with any 'high' comes a low or crash!

Been a lot of controversy about so called diet drinks, can't totally remember the science of it but think the sweetness makes your body react as it would to deal with sugar releasing insulin etc only to find no sugar.

That could easily be wrongly written.



Vital 1st Team Regular
Villan Of The North - 10/8/2012 17:32

On the subject of alternatives to sugar, what is the general consensus on stivia? As I understand it, it's available for human consumption in the UK and US. Here in Norway it is only available for animal consumption.
I was under the impression Aspartame was banned in the USA as well, but I could be wrong. However, there's a lot of countries it has been banned in and obviously for good reason.
Recently I've gone nearly all organic, and whilst more expensive I waste nothing, so balances itself out.... but I've come to the conclusion that the 'powers' are poisoning us, possibly because they can't afford for the dependency ratio/ burden on the state to get any bigger.
I haven't consumed anything with this in for a few years now. I tried sweeteners and diet drinks, but definitely had problems, so went back to sugar and avoid fizzy or sugary drinks.

The only worry is whether it is in foods that I wouldn't expect it in. I will start checking the labels more carefully.

The Fear

A Wise Man (once sat next to him)
Agreed skeggy, they should not need extra energy and certainly not with monster, red bull etc. I'm surprised, like alcohol, that it isn't controlled age wise.

Just no need at all.

The Fear

A Wise Man (once sat next to him)
No idea how alarmist or true this is, prob somewhere in the middle?!

French ban over health concerns

Wiki says not banned in France any more

Red Bull did not get market approval in France, Denmark, and Norway[33] for several years, but the energy drink is now on sale in all 27 EU Member States and in 164 countries around the world.
The French approval process started in 1996 with concerns about taurine, a normal body constituent and also naturally present in the human diet (e.g., scallops, fish, poultry). This meant the drink could not be sold as-is in France. Instead, a different recipe that did not contain the ingredient was introduced. The refusal of market approval was challenged by the European Commission and partially upheld by the European Court of Justice in 2004,[33] before the French food safety agency relented in 2008 after being unable to prove definitively the existence of any health risk, taurine-related or not.[34]

Now unbanned....


upthevilla - 10/8/2012 21:40

I was under the impression Aspartame was banned in the USA as well, but I could be wrong.

You are correct :35: This is from memory, and a very poor one so I stand to be corrected, but my recollection is this...

Aspartame was banned by the head honcho of the FDA in the states as a dangerous substance unfit for human consumption, this was in force for sometime, but with a change of administration to George Dubya, it followed that the head of the FDA was replaced and within a couple of weeks Aspartame had been cleared for consumption.

I am absolutely positive that this sudden change had absolutely nothing to do with the fact that the head honcho of aspartame corp was good mates with George, and obviously no money whatsoever changed hands :22:



For those with access, sky channel 192, Showcase 2 is showing a programme called - Sweet Misery at 6pm on Saturday, a programme dedicated to this substance, I would imagine it to be informative, I'm quite sure that this could also be found online.

That's the planner set.


The Fear

A Wise Man (once sat next to him)
Ah cool, will watch that.

As a slight aside as Red Bull has been mentioned within this thread, what is your view of the non diet energy drinks or caffeine supplementation?


Vital Football Legend
This is 1 of the links I found which has aspartame food and drinks named: Some of the items surprised me


Vital Football Legend
steff_the_villan - 11/8/2012 03:37

For those with access, sky channel 192, Showcase 2 is showing a programme called - Sweet Misery at 6pm on Saturday, a programme dedicated to this substance, I would imagine it to be informative, I'm quite sure that this could also be found online.

That's the planner set.
will see if I can find a rerun on-line later as I am at a meeting tonight at that time