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ASM Exit talk


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Reading today that Arsenal fancy signing the lad for 16M. Surely we would ask more then that? It would start at 60m for me. That said I would support any process that leads to that fat bastard losing money.


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Would love to see the fat man lose some more money and lower the value of the club in the process. However, surely he isn’t as stupid as he was with Demba Ba to allow a release clause of that amount?

The Owl

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Don't believe everything you read. Remember according to the media the takeover was close to being approved weeks ago


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Everyone's for sale whilst Ashley is the owner. In regards to Maximin though he's on a five year deal that he only signed last summer, unless there's a clause (and I think Ba's was to Champion's League clubs though I could be misremembering) it'll take a good chunk of change in fatty's pocket to allow him to go .
Aye £50m and the takeover not being done by the beginning of September, will see him gone unless there's some sort of buyers clause that exists in retaining the purples.