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As he's now almost qualified as a nurse I feel we need a thread to ask him specifically about all things medical.



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I have had a letter telling me I have issues at the back of my retina and have to see a specialist, with this in mind, who will win the Wimbledon men's final
Is my manhood supposed to be this large.

Do you think I have either:

A - eye problems
B - a delusional psyche
C - under developed thighs


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I'm very happy that we finally have a fully-qualified medical person on here to give advice.

Randy, is it true that if you swallow loads of coins, you should neck a 2 litre bottle of Coke so that when you shit them out they'll be all shiny?


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I didn't see this thread should have posted my feinting episode in here instead of the interesting thread.

I passed out in the chip shop last night at around 8pm - Am I going to die?


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Trekker - 5/7/2013 09:32

Do you have low blood pressure Ratters.
No. Well not normally anyway. I feel groggy now. Keep going light headed and feeling dizzy. Bloke at work is diabetic. Just done a blood sugar test using his kit and that is fine at 5.9

I went through a spell of fainting about 2 years ago. Had loads of tests done but nothing showed up.

The fainting stopped until a couple of weeks ago. Been to the docs but again all the blood tests etc were ok.

Very odd.


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I ended up unconscious for 30 mins about 3 years back. I got up to use the shower etc next thing I know there are para medics around me, I can hear them but can't speak. David had heard me collapse and put me into recovery position because I had blocked my airway the way I had fallen.
Spent a while in hospital but never found the reason. It was spooky. I could hear the medics discussing a stroke or brain haemorrhage and saying I didn't look good (cheeky sods)
I think it might have been trapped wind.
I have very high blood pressure but it's normally low BP that makes you pass out.