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Arsenal v NUFC


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A tale of two halves. Second half conceding 4 goals is poor by any standards and minus 16 GD is better than only the bottom team Norwich. You may be right Pie but I expect us to get closer to the bottom 3 before the end of the season.
Although Arsenal did it against us at SJP in a 4-4 draw :grinning:


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Embarrassing capitulation. Brucey gave the lads a few days off and started with his new toys, with hardly a game between them since mid December and little time to integrate.

You can see some potential in Joelinton but anyone playing up front should be busting a gut to get into the 6 yard box when the Saint is teasing on the bye line - no, we saw a leisurely jog.

The away support had a song or two for Ashley. At least in our household, we have a song for Brucey too.



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An embarrassment, very poor right through the team for me. I am not even going to pick out Lascelles for criticism. Because the way he played that's just how poor he is.


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I don't know if anyone has mentioned it but apparently this is the first time NUFC has had a negative goal difference in the Premier League since the 80th minute of the Sheffield Wednesday match on 13th September 1993.

Out of curiosity, in that game, Alex Mathie (later manager of the club that Steve Watson currently manages) put us level and Malcolm Allen put us up to plus 1.

26 years, 2 months and 3 days later, we finally went negative again.

We are now at -2, being the worst since 18th August 1993 when Mick Harford scored his only goal for Coventry.

The Ashley years, nearly 13 of them, have given us a goal difference of -148 in the Premier League. Under him our Premier League GD has never been positive since being beaten 3-0 at home on 24th November 2007 by Liverpool who, at the time, were under the management of certain Spaniard (not Russell Crowe in Gladiator).

Before Ashley's arrival, our average Premier League finish was 7th-8th. Since, it has been 13th.

On that basis, Including relegations and Premier League prize money, Ashley has cost himself around £180-200 million. If only he had invested half of that in the playing stock of the club, he would have been far better off!
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Those heady days Rexn. When we qualified for CL football in 2002 finishing 4th in the Premiership, the goals against that season was 52, the highest number by any team and it hasn't been overtaken since. (the goals for that season was 74 giving a GD of 22)

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Its the same old same old. After every defeat we get The Manager and players offering up excuses and saying we must do better next time. The local media come up with three things we learnt from the defeat which is covering the same ground time and time again.
Our only real attacking threat is Saint Maxim, Joelinton is not a goalscoring centre forward and the back up are all injury prone or ineffective. The defence seems to have moments lacking concentration which prove costly, mainly because they are defending for 80% of the game.
The culprits are in no particular order Bruce, Charnley, Nickson and Ashley, who is the main villain. Our scouts reportedly spend months tracking players and this is the best they can come up with. Needs a complete restructuring from the owner down and Ashley, Charnley, Nickson Bruce on their bikes. There is no hope with the current setup.
I cringe when I compare this lot to The Keegan days, but for a few lucky results we would be buried right in the relegation scrap and still could be. I have given up hope and lost enthusiasm watching this drivel.


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Broocie has more points than Rafa you know!

I can't wait until.the sheep can no longer use that as an excuse.
It's true though uk,Bruce does have more points than Waffa, I don't get the problem.
It was much more problematic when the sheep were singing the name of the Spanish conman because Ashley wielded much more power than he has now.