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Arsenal 18/01/21


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Watch Saka's goal , he's strolling into the area not running quickly, just barely a jog , completely unmarked and not a player trying to get within a yard of him . That's unforgivable and the latest indictment of the manager and this ownership.


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Non whatsoever.
His ma and da will be proud though and Bruce will probably say that learning how to lose gracefully at that age is a massive plus.
Aye good on the lad. Based on the performances the night might as well give him a start.

I don't want players who know how to lose gracefully I want players who hate to lose. Too many cowards in the side as it is .


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Well I predicted a butt fucking and that's exactly what they got!

If that's Bruce's gloves off then the championship beckons because that was fucking abysmal.


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Despite the doom and gloom and pundits trying to put Bruce under pressure, only Sheff Utd look down at the moment.

I'm not sure what's happening with our best attacking player, someone suggested he will be off soon, if not, we look a completely different side with him in it.

I backed us to stay up last season and see the same outcome this season, not because we are any good, but there will be three worse teams.


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Again another dreadful performance. We are fucked he, as in Bruce tried to answer his critics and failed miserably. The man is becoming a laughing stock. We as a team are that as well, why do I continue to watch these games. Like everyone I hope it will improve unfortunately if tonight is anything to go by it’s actually getting fucking worse.


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You would think that Bruce with a win percentage of 30.9% had hit a new low. Strangely his win ratio at the unwashed was 29.6% and when we called him 'Agent Bruce'. It's too late, your job is done.


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So the dinosaurs gloves came off & he did it his way,hoofball & a static central midfield partnership,tactical genius.
So we all wait with bated breath for the fat dictator to fire the idiot & replace him with another sychophant,the club's a carcass & it's down to one individual.
Let's hope he sells up soon & rots on his fkn yacht.

The Owl

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Bruce says we are having a moment. Well the moment is lasting a long time. Lascelles says back to the training ground, yet I read the training is a like a holiday compared to other sides. The Chronicle says Ashley faces a huge bill if he replaces Bruce. I would hardly call a few million a huge bill for a man like Ashley, a billionaire. Its all a question of repeated excuses and we are heading downhill fast, Some instant decisions required but I doubt they will be forthcoming and Ashley will probably give Bruce a bonus if we survive relegation. The takeover seems way off so expect even more negative play over the next season or so. What a shambles of a club.


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Well I can't really single out Lascelles this time. They were all so poor perhaps Almiron aside who at least looked like he was trying. We had 5 players on the pitch (at least) who simply can't keep up with play. No legs. I can't see a way out of this.


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Almiron DID try but once again played too deep and his final ball is crap. Should've played Wilson in on the move where Almiron eventually got a shot away. Managed a cross which was shit despite being given so much time to put it in. I know he's not a winger but surely someone can tell him to run at defenders, get to the byline and cross it in.

Shelvey shown up for what he is, a shit player and nowhere near as good as he thinks he is. Anyone can hit a Hollywood pass or score a worldie, seen more consistency in non league and on a Wednesday night kickabout than from that gurning idiot!

Joelinton - waste of a shirt
Lascelles - lacking fitness, concentration, reaction time and everything else before he even had covid

Wilson starved of service and must be thinking he Should've gone to Villa.

Bruce - clueless! Highlighted when bringing on Murphy, the only player that can cross a ball for Carroll, the only player than can head a ball! Fucking genius